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Picasso and Visual Thinking Strategies for Kids

I LOVE talking to Liz about a painting, especially one that is colourful and fun to look at, like this:

Pablo Picasso
Three Musicians
Fontainebleau, summer 1921… 282 more words

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Super cool craft kits from Flying Tiger Copenhagen

1. Doll house sets

How I love these sets. There are less than $10 each! Not for children under 3 years old though. It’s made of cardboard and foam board. 250 more words

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Quiz: How much do you really know about the pencil?

You’ve probably used and discarded hundreds of pencils in your life so far. Put your knowledge to the test — and learn some cocktail party trivia in the process. 6 more words

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10 great films from female directors that you need to stream right now

Women’s perspectives matter — but with movie casts and crews dominated by men, Hollywood has long suggested otherwise. One way to fix this: support female filmmakers. 1,682 more words

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4 fascinating, underappreciated jobs that all great movies depend on

When you watch the Academy Awards, are categories like “sound editing” and “production design” your cue for a bathroom or snack break? Read why those jobs — and sound mixer and cinematographer — matter. 1,829 more words

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Otherworldly photos that show us what our religions have in common

After decades spent documenting faith communities around the world, photographer Monika Bulaj understands that our religions are more similar than we realize.

Polish photographer Monika Bulaj… 1,384 more words

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The beauty is in the details: A peek inside the amazing world of a miniature maker

Micro-mechanician Bill Robertson builds sophisticated, fully working replicas of rare tools, gadgets and houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. His exquisite creations put history’s hidden details in the palms of our hands. 2,106 more words

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