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These kids build tiny houses, chicken coops — and life skills

A new curriculum makes design-build projects into a part of every student’s education.

How can a well-designed home change someone’s life? During the 2014-2015 school year, some high school students in Berkeley, California, asked that question as they took on a big project: to build a pair of… 1,204 more words

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Andrew Myers

Andrew Myers is an award winning California-based sculptor. He specialises in portraits created from drilling in screws, and depending on their positioning and depth to create his work. 101 more words

How To Find Ethical Fashion

So many people talk of ethical fashion and its impacts. But what is it really?  772 more words

How to create a museum -- wherever you are

How the setting for Slumdog Millionaire became the location for a unique and vibrant pushcart museum.

By 2030, some two billion people — or nearly a quarter of humanity — will be living in informal settlements like Dharavi, the dense and intense home to one million residents in Mumbai, India. 1,180 more words

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This recent collaboration between John Yuyi & Elizabeth Jane Bishop is beautiful. It is named ‘Reblog’ and created to make people re-evaluate the idea that the ‘world is too big or that we’re too tiny’, whilst also appreciating the art found within Social Media and its content. 145 more words

The strange, surprisingly radical roots of the shopping mall

Victor Gruen was an avant-garde European socialist who inadvertently designed that all-American creature, the mall. But, as Steven Johnson reveals, his master plan was way grander — and one we might want to build today. 1,470 more words

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Shop: Amnesia Official Visual Book

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(price varies depending on the country of purchase) 31 more words

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