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Gallery: The many faces of life in Pakistan

Photographer Danial Shah wants to show the world a view of his country that is rarely shared in news stories: its diverse cultures, crafts and landscapes. 1,588 more words

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The Importance Of Staples In Our Diet, Shown Through Graphics & Design

Wheat is an important staple crop, it provides 20% of all calories consumed by people world-wide. Well, after seeing Kenya Hara’s project on our ‘Staples’, I found myself with a lot of questions about food and common diets around the world. 236 more words

Sucessful Black & White Photographs That Tell A Story

Photographs in black and white can be more thought-provoking. By removing the ‘distraction’ of colour away, it allows the reader to concentrate on the subject itself whilst offering a timeless quality to the image.  32 more words

Gallery: Women in Gaza and their determined quest for higher education

In this contested territory, women must endure a lengthy, frustrating process when they pursue a university education abroad. Here are four of their stories.

“For me, two basic human rights are the right to education and the freedom of movement,” says Kuwaiti-raised Palestinian photojournalist Laura Boushnak (TED Talk: … 1,728 more words

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How To Find Ethical Fashion

So many people talk of ethical fashion and its impacts. But what is it really?  772 more words

Gallery: An intimate look at two Syrian refugee families

Life — and love — in limbo, as captured in these beautiful, poignant images from photographer Giles Duley.

Photographer Giles Duley (TEDxExeter Talk: The power of a story… 2,195 more words

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The Drinkable Book

I discovered this project in the Design Museum in London last weekend. I was inspired by all the different projects but was left curious about this ‘Drinkable Book’. 107 more words