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From the other side

I wonder how it feels to hold your hand.

Spending the day without regrets.
Living our lives chasing horizons.

Singing our love song. Even though it sounds, drums can’t bear. 93 more words

Gallery: Pretty poison

Artist and professor John Sabraw is turning industrial acid runoff into striking pigments and paints that could be used to save Ohio’s rivers and streams. 1,840 more words

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The Dream Camera Collection

Photography has become a real passion of mine and led me to spend all my free time photographing and recording everything I do. I have been looking to buy a new film camera and have fallen in love with so many old cameras and wanted to share my list of dream cameras… 73 more words

What the mysterious symbols made by early humans can teach us about how we evolved

After examining dozens of Ice Age cave sites across Europe, paleoarchaeologist Genevieve von Petzinger discovered our ancestors repeatedly used 32 signs. Why? She walks us through her eye-opening discoveries — and their implications. 2,141 more words

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Gallery: A beautiful temple made of light

How do you design a sacred space that invites people in regardless of who they are and what they believe (or don’t)? Architect Siamak Hariri takes us into the planning and poetry behind building the luminous Bahá’i Temple in South America. 1,735 more words

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Gallery: 9 nurses who bring care and compassion to the US health system

A photographer’s lovely visual thank you to some often overlooked medical professionals.

“Sometimes I feel like I don’t make a difference, and it’s great to be reminded that I do.” 1,283 more words

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A deft, beautiful blend of West African and Japanese design and culture

Wax print cotton kimonos! Lacquer tribal stools! Since living in Japan, Cameroon-born artist Serge Mouangue has been creating the most fascinating aesthetic fusion.

Artist and TED Fellow Serge Mouangue (TEDxConcorde talk: … 810 more words

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