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Forget penguins, I always think that Black Phoebes look like they are wearing fancy tuxes.


On the Wire

A bunch of seagulls taking a break hanging out watching the ocean. Reminds me of that game, telephone!



I think buildings would look much more inviting if they had birds as gargoyles! I know it defeats the purpose, but isn’t this adorable?!?


Pink Tights

When I see Black-necked Stilts, I always think that they look like they are wearing pink tights. Do you ever think that?


Not sure what to think about something? Good

Graphic designer Milton Glaser thinks that being uncertain is a good way to be.

“Certainty is preposterous,” says Milton Glaser (TED Talk: Using Design to Make Things New… 523 more words

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Gallery: Humans come in all shapes, sizes -- and colors

“It has been 128 years since the last country in the world abolished slavery and 53 years since Martin Luther King pronounced his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech,” says Brazilian artist Angélica Dass (TED Talk: … 1,064 more words

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