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Supportive Grids, or, "There's No Ego in a Leko"

At a recent participant parent event at Rising Youth Theatre, a terrific young company for which I serve as board secretary, one of the parents, who happens to also be a work colleague, noted that our discussion of the company’s work to build the social assets of the youth participants reminded her of the grid I had shown her in my office a couple of weeks prior. 429 more words

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The Cult of the Old: Traditionalism Stinks

In an earlier post, I discussed why some folks are obsessed with all things new. If they’re not on the cutting edge, they may as well not exist. 506 more words

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Taking Stock

If you are the arts entrepreneur, you are likely the person who is legally responsible for your business and, as a result, there is always something you could or should be doing. 344 more words

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The Cult of the New: Change ≠ Better

I once worked for boss who was infatuated with the next thing. If there was a new product that you could use, then my boss would immediately buy it and implement it company-wide. 575 more words

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Battle Creek Choir Camp June 22-25

Tour is going well. We have already made some great music at the Museum of Natural History, and we finished day one with a jaunt down Navy Pier. 114 more words

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MAAAs Attend Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Photos taken by Joely Pope, a graduate student in the dual MPA/MAAA program at SPEA. During the academic year Joely is a Graduate Assistant with IU Theatre. 1,413 more words

2014 Cohort