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One week away!

This past week I can definitely see everything coming together for No Vacancy. It has been really exciting to walk around and hear people talking about the event. 108 more words

Progress and Success!

Another success! Today Nichole and I met at the venue to discuss logistics of the spaces the artists will occupy. We had to make sure that each artists’ plans are accepted and allowed by the Found:Re. 105 more words

All about that money!

Funding was a huge task for our event. Although we knew we could apply through the school and most likely get funded, there were many hurdles. 134 more words


Yay! I finally feel really excited about planning this event. As we are all handling other class, clubs and extracurricular activities, it has been a little stressful during the process of planning a successful event. 182 more words


What drives you? What motivates you to stay focused? What encourages you to complete a task?

I think this week I am feeling more pressure. I am planning 3 large art events at this moment and will be graduating in May. 112 more words

To Do

I think at this point in the venture process we need to make a “To-Do” list and members will choose their roles. We have so many tasks to complete in a short amount of time, that if we do not divide up the roles, we will not be satisfied with our end product. 132 more words

Planning and Action

This year, I have surrounded much of my time planning for the fourth annual Come As You Are Ball for Arizona State University’s Urban Arts Club. 297 more words