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Join the Branch United Youth Choir for the 2015-2016 Season!

The Branch United Youth Choir is starting up again on Sept 15. That’s only a few weeks away! If you are interested, please contact us at 586.292.6639 or at branchyouthchoir@yahoo.com and… 79 more words

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A Brief Update on my Incubator Research

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you know that I have been researching arts incubators and how they create value. The research is continuing, but a few thematic commonalities have surfaced through my cross-case analysis of four typical arts incubators. 68 more words

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How to Make Good Decisions

Over the past several months, I have worked hard to create the Branch United Youth Choir. On my mind has been all the decisions I’ve got to make in the coming months. 523 more words

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Supportive Grids, or, "There's No Ego in a Leko"

At a recent participant parent event at Rising Youth Theatre, a terrific young company for which I serve as board secretary, one of the parents, who happens to also be a work colleague, noted that our discussion of the company’s work to build the social assets of the youth participants reminded her of the grid I had shown her in my office a couple of weeks prior. 429 more words

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The Cult of the Old: Traditionalism Stinks

In an earlier post, I discussed why some folks are obsessed with all things new. If they’re not on the cutting edge, they may as well not exist. 506 more words

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Taking Stock

If you are the arts entrepreneur, you are likely the person who is legally responsible for your business and, as a result, there is always something you could or should be doing. 344 more words

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