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2007: Metaphor

it’s 2007 and our city

has fielded a committee

which has won a competition

we will have our year as

canada’s cultural capital

with all the project money this entails. 231 more words


Festival Fashion: All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies

(By: Josie Mills, with photos by Mansoor Tanweer)

The sounds. The crowds. The atmosphere. All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies had it all. But what really stood out about the event? 415 more words


Senseless Music Experience Takes Over Toronto's Evergreen Brickworks

(By: Josie Mills, with photos by Mansoor Tanweer)

Senseless, held in Toronto on July 10, promised to be an “immersive experience using music, art, technology, food, scents, architecture, and innovative design.” But that is a hard promise to keep, especially for a new concert offering. 690 more words


Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Beautiful, quirky, adventurous, quick witted, smart and cultured— sound familiar? It’s like a fairy tale when a woman possesses all of these qualities in real life, but in the land of TV and movies, these women are all over the place. 966 more words

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In Conversation With... Bestival's Rob da Bank

(By: Josie Mills)

It’s officially been a week since Bestival Toronto and the nostalgia is kicking in. But if there’s one person that deserves a special shout out, it’s the festival’s official curator, … 699 more words


This Moment (3rd Place Winner of IDEAS Poetry Contest) By: Rebecca Graham

What was before, but is not now –

Haunts the soul and robs the night of sleep.

Memories, like photos, fade, or should

But for the constant vigil we keep – 137 more words

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The Ocean (2nd Place Winner of IDEAS Poetry Contest) By: Ian Lambach

I had no wisdom
And yet you taught me
(Illuminated, beyond conditions)
Water is clear to the bottom
Where the fish swim
Without moving
And the sky is vast and boundless… 84 more words

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