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Six city and campus events to catch in March

(By: Subi Anandarajah)

By March, students are balancing classes, assignments, extracurriculars, and their social lives. If you’re in need of a change from your regular pattern, look no further. 399 more words


Cinema of the Week: The Incredibles

Kristen Hines, Columnist • khines14@ehc.edu

In honor of the long awaited sequel that’s planning to hit the big screen in June, let’s take the time to remember the film that started it all. 295 more words

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The Heart of A Rescue: Part 5

Christina Mitchell, Business Manager • cbmitchell16@ehc.edu

The first year with Koko had been pleasant but not without its share of difficulty. For starters, we had to work on correcting his horrendous ground manners. 450 more words

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A Long and Dangerous Road: Part 8

Matthew Brosche, Columnist • mbrosche14@ehc.edu

“Why would you call the police?” Mariah yelled at Frank who held firm against her screaming.

“This whole robbery thing was a bad idea, we’re not criminals. 384 more words

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Black Panther Review

Hannah Long, News Editor • hglong16@ehc.edu

Inevitably, “Black Panther” is a film that’s as much about its political meaning as its cinematic meaning. The first MCU film to feature a black protagonist and largely-black cast, it’s taken on the importance of a cause, much like the feminist empowerment of “Wonder Woman.” On that level, it’s successful. 515 more words

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A World Spanning Romance

Jamie Brown, Guest Contributor • jlbrown17@ehc.edu

In honor of the long awaited Alex and Rosie, friends since they were zygotes, are destined for one another. The only problem is, Alex and Rosie have no idea, but everyone else does. 333 more words

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A Feminine Motif: Part 3

Isabella McCall, Columnist • ikmccall17@ehc.edu

All across Rhodes a breath was expelled from all bodies as Sunday began. The traditional, orthodox day of rest was the only day of the week their culture preserved to slow down during the harvest. 308 more words

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