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Caine's Arcade

Last week we held our second Saints Film Festival of the year, and there was a lot of interest in the films we showed. Caine’s Arcade… 88 more words


Students Display Outstanding Work During Arts Week

By: Jessica Cary ’16

Seattle Prep kicked off Arts Week on May 12th. Arts Week is a huge ordeal for all those involved. Preparation began weeks ago in order to be ready. 296 more words

Prep Life

Friendly or Fierce?

I found this lovely lizard at the Cloth Road Arts Week exhibition in The Vaults, Bradford on Avon. He has been carved by the sculptor Andy Hopkins. 32 more words


Guitar Lessons for Kids

If your kid is showing notice in music or if you would like to give them the chance to learn a new pastime, then kids guitar lessons could be a good choice. 612 more words

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

There are a million martial arts schools competing for business these days. It’s difficult for a parent to know which one suits their children needs best. 645 more words

Weighing Cons of Kids Learning a New Language

Your choice to expose your child to second-language education is a choice with lasting effects. Because learning a second language in childhood puts extra cognitive strain on the language centres of the brain, a child learning two languages at once will face different intellectual problems than monolingual children. 592 more words

Foreign Language learning for Kids

Much attention has recently been focused on the importance of early learning experiences on brain development. For years it has been thought that teaching a foreign language to preschool-age children would be futile. 625 more words