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Blackwell: An Arts & Crafts Masterpiece

Blackwell was built in 1900 as a holiday retreat for a wealthy Manchester brewery owner, just south of Bowness overlooking Windermere.  (About 30 minutes drive from Sykehouse Cottage on the eastern side.)  The house is of international importance and was given a Grade 1 listing in 1998.   271 more words


Three Poems | by Paul Brookes

Stone Lass

Spunk sees Cruel lass from afar
gobsmacked by her looks
he gets smitten hard
and determines she’ll be hooked

Asks her mates for her mobile number, 612 more words

Communicators League

A Find!

A sunny, cool morning, destined to give way to a vibrant, warm spring day. The last few days have been damp and cool, effectively slowing spring’s tumultuous trajectory towards a green world, but the mad dash will be renewed this week! 277 more words


Getting my butt kicked

Thursday was a rough but interesting day for me. After a crazy long day of work I drove towards a small town called Kolind where I was going to take part in my very first Taekwondo practice! 883 more words

Sketch -Τέχνη και τσάι στην πιο παιχνιδιάρικη ατμόσφαιρα του Λονδίνου

Θα μπορούσαν άραγε τα πάντα στη ζωή να είναι ροζ;

Η απάντηση είναι μάλλον αρνητική, αλλά δεν χρειάζεται να απογοητεύεστε, αφού υπάρχει ένα μέρος στον πλανήτη που είναι βουτηγμένο σε αυτό το χρώμα και αποτελεί κορυφαίο προορισμό για τους λάτρεις της γαστρονομίας, του τσαγιού και φυσικά του ροζ!


Silence and Icebergs

I have been carrying a deep, spiritual hurt since learning about, and writing about the scope, depth and complexity of the propaganda machines being used and further developed today. 597 more words

Along the Road

There are only two mistakes one can
make along the road to truth; not
going all the way, and not starting.

source: The Buddha
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, Spring 2016