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Ghost Towns

In German cities. Streets full of abandoned  houses. Another kind of art.

Empty beauty.

'Our heroes are not what we think they are': J.K. Rowling, creator of the Harry Potter universe, is no longer its god

Ron Weasley’s “patronus” is a Jack Russell terrier. Moaning Myrtle’s full name is Myrtle Elizabeth Warren. Harry Potter’s uncle loves Top Gear. Fluffy the three-headed dog was repatriated to Greece. 1,129 more words


Modern Art!

We walked into this room with a Gaint Gorilla created from bubble gum standing on a tower of boxes at the Spoleto Arts Festival. Maurizio Savini, the artist uses the medium to discuss the new modern era – the bubble gum era. 24 more words


The defining term of recent economic debate is “innovation”. Endlessly repeated by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, it is a bland piece of economic jargon, which vaguely alludes to the creation of wealth through the development and implementation of new ideas. 1,153 more words


Setting Puccini's Turandot in another period

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

EUROPEAN productions of Puccini’s Turandot have traditionally set the opera in the Ching or Ming dynasties, but the director of the Singapore Lyric Opera’s (SLO) version dates it further back – all the way to the Bronze Age. 572 more words

Money Matters


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