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Hi I’m Melissa Clopton and I am a busy mommy! I am a wife and a mother to four amazing children whose ages range between 2-18. 53 more words

Homemade and inexpensive activity to support fine motor skills for toddlers.

What are fine motor skills and why are they important?

Fine motor skills involve the use of smaller muscles in the hand to carry out activities such as using scissors, holding a pencil, construction tasks with building blocks, doing up buttons and so on. 215 more words


Calvin Chumbley - Arts & Craft Collective Feature Artisan

The work of Calvin Chumbley belongs in a category of its own. Made from carefully selected, high quality and vintage textiles, his trademark products- decorative pillows and custom cushions- are a testament to his skill as an independent artisan. 956 more words


How to find your "grip"

Ah… the classic question from beginners: “How do I find my grip and how do I know if I am holding the hook and yarn correctly?” 82 more words


What to do with your 100 granny squares...

It’s a problem for us crocheters. You know it. I know it. We try a new stitch/pattern and before we know it, we have too many granny squares lying around. 93 more words


Hello, I'm Clare!

Hi! I’m Clare, a sophomore in college and an avid crocheter. I started crocheting when I was in 4th grade with my Aunt. Surprisingly enough, it grew into my favorite hobby! 36 more words