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Cluj Nopaca, Romania - October 2016

As part of my Live Project this year, I have mentioned that I will be creating art for my employer; the manager of a Residential Care Home, and the place I have worked at for five years. 515 more words


Observational drawing from objects and photos.

When it comes to perfumes I like to connect colour,flowers and froots that reminds me of scent, to put into drawing. Perfume bottles are designed beautifuly but to represent perfume it takes more than just a design. 90 more words


Mirror,Mirror on the wall...

Mirror is something that gets my attension. I love the mystery that surrounds them and my dream is to have a spare room full of all kind of mirrors,without anything else inside. 23 more words


How to get inspiration for art project?

My theme for the project is “Collections and Multiples”. I already did a research of artists that doing releated artworks. But I wanted to capture collections that are seen in real life and what is better place to do that than the vintage shop? 93 more words


Pop Art In Print, Chester

Pop Art in Print, was a recent exhibition held at Chester’s old library. As part of my experiential learning; working alongside Black Mango, we had heard a lot about the exhibition in idea and was very aware that it may or may not go ahead. 320 more words


Summer Project - Part 2

Lines in Space.

With these two pieces, I begin to explore the contract of line with curve. A curve is still a line however, it is not a straight line and therefore, it has a very interesting effect against the straight lines. 110 more words