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How I Started Out as a Bartender in NYC

A year ago I didn’t know that Johnnie Walker was Scotch. I had no idea about Hennessy or Jameson. Even worse – I didn’t know how to use a cork screw. 796 more words



All images have been created through scanning on an A3 scanner using a variety of materials such as plastic bottles, peacock feathers, CD’s, plastic bags, sea shells and many more. 19 more words


A piece of History

So while i was visiting my grandparents a few weeks ago they decided to go through a box of old documents, among them where acceptance letters of my farthers for collage, army telegrams, and among them this! 21 more words


Blurb Book!

My Blurb Book has arrived!! I am beyond happy with it and so pleased it arrived on time!. The paper is really nice and the quality of the photographs has been kept during printing, plus it has the material like cover i was looking for along with a dust cover! 13 more words



Choruses without ours

I’m on the brink

Of my betrayal

It’s succinct

It’s all labelled

In this white room

Swimming in eels

The mother’s death looms… 649 more words


Jayne Dent and I did an improvised vocal performance in the sky space by James Turrell.


We also did a vocal performance in the forest.