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Working for Adult Swim Would be a Dream

I’m getting my associate’s degree by the end of this year and I guess this is a life checkup to see where I want to go from here. 518 more words

Comeback Kid: Take Two

Welp, second day back from hiatus and I already missed a day. Yesterday was a long day with my earliest class starting a half hour earlier than usual to make up for all the snow days we’ve had. 262 more words

Daily Life

Kunstakademie Düsseldorf Exhibition 2018

Each year there is one group exhibition at our academy, where every student can show some of their work. I decided to show the ones you can see down below.


Have You Seen This Drawing?

Wolves seem to be everyone’s spirit animal and I understand why. They are beautiful animals yet loyal and independent. They could either live in a pack or be a lone wolf and that’s what makes them so cool in my perspective. 125 more words

Wayne Coyne's Art Exhibit Called King's Mouth

Wayne Coyne is a famous musician from the band “The Flaming Lips”. He recently made this cool installation at The Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. 94 more words