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London- Lisson Gallery

So our annual visit to london kicked off on monday! After arriving at the Generator hostel at 11 there was no rest for the wicked as we made our way to our first gallery, Lisson. 121 more words


Getting the Hang of It

The background is starting to progress a little faster, after learning a few tips from a digital painting course I’m taking concurrently. I’m still really far behind on the actual animating. 142 more words


Preparing for the end- Send help. 

Now is the time in my Master degree when I have to be really focused on my end product, the final exhibitions. The first is fast approaching in May and I am aiming to get the work done for that by the end of Febuary. 132 more words


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - A Presentation

Today I will be presenting time-based art that I feel embodies the qualities of “Good”, “Bad”, or “Ugly” and explaining why I describe them as such. 768 more words


The Climbing Photographer

Location Beacon Climbing Centre Caernarfon

Photography has always been a hobby of mine however when it comes to working and taking photographs it can become quite repetitive but I still enjoy it. 173 more words


The hands of mental health.

Using you hands, whether its to do the dishes or knit a scarf, after reading an article by Amy Dufault for ecosalon it became clearer that the link between mental health and hands isn’t just a coincidence. 94 more words


Slow Internet and Huge Files

I was not feeling well, today, so I decided to work on my project from home rather than at school. What I didn’t realize is that the internet at my home is even slower than the internet as school and these giant files just do not download very fast. 54 more words