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I have been thinking a lot about possibly doing a performance. i think it would fit well with my project at the moment. i also want to bring people in to my world a bit. 157 more words

Exploring within a time constraint.

On Thursday we had a development task to do in the morning. we had two hours to produce something new and unexpected. it needed to be informed by another artists work so that our practice can be connected to things other than the studio. 368 more words

Tute with Chris Jones.

Last week i was lucky enough to get a tutorial with a visiting artist called Chris Jones, he creates sculptures that are made of old magazines and old books he makes old unused a bit scary and beautiful. 274 more words

Specialization Creates a Better World

This blog post is a reflection on Plato’s Republic that I read in one of my classes. Whether you know the book or not, this should be pretty straightforward and easy to understand. 765 more words




‘Catholicism shrank my vagina’ collaboration with Jayne Dent. This is just the beginning … we have plans.

Photoshop collage “magazine cover”/paper magazine cut-out collage and drawing

Be An Anarchy Parrot.

Critical assessment on third show. I have mixed notes from two crits.

After organising an open view so people could come and see out work we had a critical assessment with some of the tutors and another with a visiting artist about our work. 499 more words

R.I.P Bucket

throughout the process of making Totem i had a trusty bright yellow bucket to hold the plaster base in place. it also made the tree easy to spin while i was creating it and was generally all you could ask for as a bucket. 52 more words