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A really shit story

from the influence of Mai Ly Degnan I created a story board of, as the title says, a really shit story. All comments and advice are appreciated for my works, thanks guys!

Artist influence

To refresh my influence (yet again) I decided to research Alexandra Chung and my all time favourite Salvador Dali. Here’s the outcomes 7 more words

Life drawing 

so this past semester I’ve been constantly doodling away in life drawing class to improve my skills. I’ve been mainly concentrating on drawing within the sketchbook. 17 more words


To improve my outlook on my part of the studio and improve it for the big assessment coming up. I wanted to make some shelves so i could put some work up on them, like my runes stones/book. 185 more words

Fire stick/ new locations.

I decided that it would be more ritualistic to create another aspect to my final performance for the London show. So i created another more simple staff so i could light it on fire and then transfer the fire to my totem tree. 210 more words

More Stonehenge news.

I have had a new email from the lovely people at Stonehenge and it seems they are happy to let me film my performance! i still have not told them about the fire aspect of my film but i was talking to a tutor and they said that as i won’t be anywhere near the monument it shouldn’t matter if i told them cooer to the date as nothing will be in trouble. 22 more words

Runes in the river.

As I said in an earlier post i have made some Viking rune stones. after waiting for a good day to take pictures I went for a walk in farnham park and looked for a good place to take pictures of them, i was also a good opportunity to take pictures of trees for another aspect of my drawing project. 160 more words