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Me, Again..

Two posts in..*mumbled number* days?! Whaaaaaat?

Anyway, I know I do more apologizing than anything here, but I am not only crazy busy with life and stuff, but I just flat-out forget about posting. 309 more words

It's Been a While...

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, my boyfriend and I have, unfortunately, fallen on hard times. Basically, we can’t pay our rent this month…We kind of have jobs, but that doesn’t help us at all. 277 more words

Artsy Things

21 Ways to be More Creative

All too often I find myself bored with the status quo. Everyone seems determined to mirror everyone else, which is something that seems to drain the creativity in the world. 441 more words

Collegiate Lifestyle

I am SO Sorry!

I fail at being a blogger! I’ve been so busy lately with working two jobs, trying to do artsy things, attempting to get in shape, looking for a new job(s), and looking for a new place to live. 65 more words


Want it
Don’t want it
What purpose does it have
What purpose do I have without it?

What am I without purpose
Just a floating cloud in the sky… 20 more words

Artsy Things

Michael's Haul!

So if any of you looked on my Instagram you may have seen the vague Michael’s bag photo I posted. Well I just so happened to buy a little something while I was there (along with an Easter gift from my wonderful mother). 167 more words


I Do Photography, Too.

Not, like, professionally or anything. I just took a black and white film photography class while at community college. No big deal. But it, too, ended up being something I loved to do  201 more words