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Disater and Reset

This was literally the WORST weekend ever. I won’t get into it because it causes me actual, physical pain..that, and I’m over crying. I did it all day yesterday and now I’m super dehydrated. 134 more words


Big, busy day tomorrow: we’re moving out! We still don’t have any money (I haven’t been paid yet and BF still has to take the test cuz, again, no money for it), but we at least have a place to stay for a few weeks. 190 more words


I know brighter days are on the horizon for me and my BF, but until then, I am SO SICK of my mother breathing down my neck. 424 more words

Me, Again..

Two posts in..*mumbled number* days?! Whaaaaaat?

Anyway, I know I do more apologizing than anything here, but I am not only crazy busy with life and stuff, but I just flat-out forget about posting. 309 more words