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Even more covers

This is turning into a picture blog. Oh well, at least they look pretty.

Artsy Things

World map!

Or at least a map of the known world at the time I’m writing. Here is Myne:

And it turned out pretty! Yay! Now for the detailed one of Sylva…

Blood That Binds

More covers!

More inspiration drawn from the lovely people at NaNoWriMo. This was a fun batch.

Artsy Things

Random covers!

So there’s nothing like sharing some inspiration around. Many thanks to all the folks at NaNoWriMo for letting me make some covers!

Artsy Things

Disater and Reset

This was literally the WORST weekend ever. I won’t get into it because it causes me actual, physical pain..that, and I’m over crying. I did it all day yesterday and now I’m super dehydrated. 134 more words