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Beaded Bani Thani

Inspired by the original Bani Thani painting from the Marwa school of Kishangarh India, this portrait is completely made of beads and rhinestones.

Labelled as the “Indian Mona Lisa”, the original painting is thought to be of the lover and later wife of King Sawant Singh.


My BuJo Life Begins

So friends, I have finally joined the dark side…eheh…*insert cheer*

A few reasons why I decided to give bullet journalism a try:


Childhood Memories

Hi guys!

I’m working on a mini booklet for my cousin (and best friend) who’s leaving me to further her studies overseas soon :(

I decided to paint some stuff from our childhood memories since we grew up together ;) here’s a sneak peak! 71 more words


Brush Calligraphy

Good day! (Or night, since it’s 11.50 p.m for me heh)

My Church’s youth group has a program called Interest Group(IG) and I’m part of the Design & Publicity IG :) In yesterdays meeting, the founder of  152 more words


Water Brushes

Water brushes are so fun to use! Well, mostly because I’m just lazy and with these guys, I don’t have to keep dipping my brush in water! 222 more words


Vector Mask

Hi guys! I recently came across this page http://abduzeedo.com/node/8413 and I thought that the steps sounded pretty easy so I decided to give it a go myself :) However, considering the fact that it was posted in 2009,  I’m guessing I’m using a more updated version of Photoshop now compared to the one in the post. 93 more words


I Do Artsy Stuff Too

What’s up again folks?

Outside of my hobby of talking about anything in a semi-sarcastic tone, I also like to do some art (computer, drawing, music, etc). 96 more words