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Outrage Over Museum's Video-Art Display of a Nude Game of Tag in Gas Chamber

Artur Zmijewski’s Game of Tag, a video installation of naked men and women playing the children’s game in a gas chamber, has triggered international outrage. 318 more words


Playing Tag in the Gas Chamber

Source: The Times of Israel, February 10, 2015

Prominent Jewish rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center on Monday condemned an Estonian modern art exhibition for making light of the Holocaust, claims the curator denied. 208 more words


Mój rower

reżyseria: Piotr Trzaskalski

Trzech facetów, którzy na co dzień żyją daleko od siebie. Fizycznie i emocjonalnie. Ojciec, syn i wnuk. Pewnego dnia los, traf, sytuacja rodzinna sprawia, że muszą ze sobą poprzebywać trochę dłużej, niż są w stanie zachować pozory rodzinnej kurtuazji. 322 more words


Us v Them

Poland followed me to Barcelona.

(I decided not to blog over the summer and to experience instead. But now it’s autumn it feels like time to be back and there is the never-ending task of catching up.) 457 more words

SPACES: Locuri în Transformare, 2011 - proiecție de film / Places of Transformation, 2011 - film screening, 12 august 2014, ora 18:00

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SPACES: Activism urban, advocacy şi inovaţie instituţională în contexte post-socialiste – conferință 442 more words


7th Berlin Biennale, April 27–July 1, 2012, Berlin

OWS at the Berlin Biennial, 2012. Photo by Marcin Kalinski. 

Much reviled, widely derided, the 7th Berlin Biennale (BB7) achieved its aims regardless. The biennale curator, Polish artist Artur Žmijewski, proposed art as a problem and activism as the solution and in the process created the circumstances for reconsideration of both. 828 more words


Bodies Everywhere: A Look at All Those Bodies in Istanbul

A body is intimate–on one hand, it is mysterious and more than anything, it is undeniably present. A body is what makes each of us what we are. 559 more words