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4 NEW DLC announced for Final Fantasy XV

Written by: Artur Galvao

During a panel at PAX East today Square Enix confirmed that four additional DLC are coming to Final Fantasy XV in 2019. 219 more words


Felicia the Freeloader

I’m sitting on the throne at the Hilton Union Square, watching the madness of rush-hour traffic in front of the hotel as cars trying to drop off and pick up contend with a single interloper who didn’t utilize the loading zone properly, forcing every other vehicle behind him to wait in the street akimbo while the 38 bus, followed closely by a 38R, comes barreling down O’Farrell with horn blasting, and all the stymied doormen can do is push around empty luggage carts hoping that somebody — anybody — will need help checking in, but the tourists move through the bedlam fearlessly, phones held aloft, like seasoned globetrotters. 170 more words


‘Violet Evergarden’ Review

Written by: Artur Galvao

What a beautiful anime to watch. Truly a piece of art.

Violet Evergarden is a Netflix original anime, created by Kana Akatsuki. 537 more words


Playing the Radio

Ben Valis working the National/Veterans Dispatch Radio

Ben Valis trying to fill an order over the National/Veterans Dispatch Radio

I play the radio loud. Which is the only way to decipher cross streets when Artur calls out dispatch orders in his overworked and underpaid drawl. 219 more words


Album Review: Somali Yacht Club - "The Sea"

If there are lines of demarcation between what we conceive of when it comes to post-metal and psychedelic rock, then I completely side with Somali Yacht Club… 477 more words


Super Mario 3D World: Just Not Seeing Eye to Eye - Talkies Play | Part 2 |

Written by: Artur Galvao

Welcome back to another episode of #TalkiesPlays! Watch Artur get vewwy mad at Nick.

Remember to like, comment and subscribe! It’s free to do all three so it’s a win-win-win here ;) 46 more words

Talkies Network

Super Mario 3D World: Just a Relaxing Time - Talkies Play | Part 1 |

Written by: Artur Galvao

It’s been three months but we’re back… Welcome back ladies and gentleman to another episode of #TalkiesPlays! On this fantastic edition, Nick and Artur play Super Mario 3D World! 39 more words