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Something New...

I found these pre-packed mounts in Cass Art and thought I would try doing some smaller pastels to fit them.  I’ve made a start with a little Westie and a German Shepherd just to see how they do on my wall at the Garrion Bridges Antiques and Art centre. 65 more words

Art in the Lord of the Rings: LCG - Álvaro Calvo Escudero

Alvaro Calvo Escudero represents a newer generation of LOTR: LCG artists. Where a lot of the artists that contributed to staple cards like Sam Gamgee… 1,840 more words


Baron Samedi Jr - Character Work - Zbrush Development Part 2

Quick update for the Character
So far, so good, I am liking how it the character is coming along, there is still more to be done with it,  I shall continue to work on it, refine and develop the sculpt. 18 more words

Game Dev – Late Night Diner – Part 3

Here is a quick update with Late Night Diner, I have been doing a bit of work on assets for the Vampire character. There is more to be done  with new assets and refining assets and I’ve been away from this project. 10 more words

New Site, New Products!

Being that Shopify were being such dicks, I jumped ship and I’m almost done with building a brand new one using Visaprint as the host. This is what it will look like. 119 more words