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Art in the LOTR LCG Lucas Durham

When I first played Ruins of Belegost the first thing that struck me was the art. The depiction of the creatures that inhabited the derelict were as fascinating and mysterious as they were fierce. 3,438 more words


Anybody need a pen?

Well, Since a few days after Christmas I’ve been in the workshop playing with the lathe and new drill press that Mae got me. And for the past week, I’ve been making Pens. 107 more words


It's been a while.

Hello and happy 2017, I’m sick of hearing that line but I had to say it anyway.

Here’s a doodle of the now around 7 month old Paludarium. 89 more words


Wall Art

Anybody got a wall?

The more portraits that I draw of the people that I see on the bus, the more I feel like they belong in some kind of classical biblical scene painted by one of the Renaissance masters. 192 more words


Fellow Commuter

The best I could do on the bus ride home- the road seemed to be paved with bumps the whole route.


Star Wars Christmas Card

When Christmas was around the corner I had a wee bit of time to make a card for someone special and they are a big Star Wars fan and I thought why not make something they will like… 550 more words


Christmas card time

Hello all,

With Christmas fast approaching I made my own cards this year, I cannot take full credit, as my partner in crime suggested to me to do one, I have never made any card before and rarely have sent any out before, so this year completely different approach with a new plan, make card and send  them out early and surprise friends…. 406 more words