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Why "You're Beautiful" Almost Didn't Make it into The Last Winter Moon

In The Last Winter MoonJayse pulls Michelle — disgruntled from injustice — onto the back of a korelian cat, and they race up the steps of the Arriscylean palace.   927 more words



It’s like a dude version of the Pieta.


The Surivior [Warrant Officer 1000238]

So, I wrote this song as part of the Good Night, Good Luck, Keep Watch project. In order to do so, I borrowed my late grandfather’s logbook from my grandmother and read it. 39 more words


Ramona Fradon original artwork (2008) – signed

Here is an original framed artwork by the comics legend Ramona Fradon.  Done in exquisite detail, this drawing was done in pencil and really shows off her amazing shading abilities. 78 more words


The Last Winter Moon Quote Art

I’ve been uploading quote art for The Last Winter Moon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the past twenty-ish days, as a countdown until The Last Winter Moon’s official release!   27 more words