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What's Written In There, Darling?

What’s written in your heart is the biggest secret of all. Protect it, for no one else has the same words scrawled in your chest.

Melanie Tassone. 2013.


Comfort Zones.

Comfort zones are nice things. They’re….comfortable. And they’re SO good to get out of sometimes. Don’t leave your comfort zone for the sake of leaving it, if you shouldn’t…..but when you’re using your comfort zone as a safety net in a situation where you  147 more words

My new package, well 2 more new packages!

Today I just got other few artworks, I just took a glance at them and when I realized everything was already packed and ready to put in the car so I never got the change to see them with due time. 51 more words

Hello world?

Dreamer, 2014, Mixed media on MDF

This is a publication space for my artwork and creative thinking as an emerging South Australian artist.