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Blossoms Falling - a poem

Tales of the apocalypse told now,

Rather than later, the end is ever

Nearer than we think, like corpses

Piled up, the death scents cloying… 40 more words



Shortly after the production of THREE, this secondary canvas was laid with a different approach. You see, most Pollockian art takes time and dedication. I wanted to see just what would happen if I were to do a vast amount of layering without that discipline. 79 more words



A long while ago, before I KNEW what the definition of art truly was; I had a lengthy debate over the definition. You see, as I child I had it in my mind that to make art you much TOUCH art. 71 more words


today's just not..

I keep sinking and pulling everyone down- along with me. Today’s just not ..


#KevinWednesday: Kevin saw our art!

On Wednesday, April 26, Kevin retweeted our contest thread:

Here are the 6 works of fan art that Kevin saw and loves. Click on any of them to get a closer look. 56 more words