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Virtual / Physical

Just back from the weekly group at Swansea Print Workshop. Tired now. I did some portrait studies and a full length nude. I used my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the free Markers app. 37 more words


One From The Archives 23: The Mirror

Reflection, musing on masculinity.  Having a large mirror in the life drawing room can add a lot to any drawings.

From a purely technical point of view it means you can draw a figure from the front and back at the same time without it looking like two separate drawings. 198 more words


One From The Archives 22: The Gaze

This model gazes at the viewer, completely at ease and totally confident in her own skin.

Most life models are by nature, confident about their bodies and have no problem with being looked at. 224 more words


One From The Archives 21: Nude Reflected

I love this printmaking technique. It has all the flexibility of painting with a healthy dose of unpredictability thrown in.

A full-colour monotype can be as simple or as complex as you like. 178 more words


One From The Archives 20: Spiky Purple Hair

The first time I blogged this image was a turning point for me, as can be seen here. This painting featured in the last ever exhibition I curated at… 209 more words


Allotment Break

I spent almost all of September at The Bagpuss Window, a semi-derelict shop that became a spontaneous artspace for a few weeks before demolition. Ironically, after our awful summer of torrential rain, September was glorious and I was stuck indoors for most of it. 201 more words


One From The Archives 19: Eve Sleeps

I love the versatility of this method. It has a fantastic range of darks and lights, as well as a dazzling palette.  A full-colour monotype is also a unique artwork because of the way the ink is applied to the paper. 168 more words