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these are some dragons i did for steve in my sketchbook class im going to coulor them later

It's 3am...

Most people are probably drunkenly returning from parties around this time, so I assume my parents will be coming back any minute now, so to avoid getting yelled at I’m going to post this quickly and then pretend to be asleep ‘-‘ 481 more words

Arty Stuff

Cutting The Stones

I do a lot of drawings and many of them become the basis of prints. I’ve selected 9 of my recent drawings of ancient Neolithic stone monuments to develop into linocuts. 154 more words


Art Exam... 10 Hours... Self Explanatory...

Ayy, so I just finished the Art Exam, for which we had 2 days off of timetable sat in silence making our final piece. You can kind of guess everyone’s thoughts towards sitting in silence for 2 days, but eh, it wasn’t too bad for me. 29 more words

Arty Stuff


Sorry for the post spam, but I’m much prouder with this than the last one I did so yknow

Arty Stuff

Photoshop space scenes

I was feeling in need of creative inspiration and turned to Photoshop to knock out some quick and scrappy space scenes using whatever patterns and abilities could be generated by the software: no sketching, and no photo-manipulation! 236 more words