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Progress is being made

So, a few things. Mostly, things are going okay. I think the shrines have settled down into a configuration I’m happy to work with for the time being, so I’ll get on to the State of the Shrines post this week, just so that’s one less thing I need to worry about. 258 more words

Secret Garage: The wolf in sheep's clothing - Volkswagen Golf V8 "Artz" -

Imagine you are driving your Ferrari 512BB on the Autobahn  at 210km/h and a “small” Golf Rabbit overtakes your piece of art from Maranello with astonishing facility. 368 more words

Secret Garage

Art update 2016. nae much happening on here. CLICK CLICK YE CHUNTERING DICK

I was just gibbering away on my 2016 art page on here and whilst ruminating on how crap I thought yon ETSY website was I vaguely recalled reading and in-deeding sharing something on facefart about some new twatty app ( I remember when they were called programs, back in the day min)  that is like yon rapist app Tinder but for ARTYWORKS. 234 more words

Festival savremene umjetnosti - arTz

Treći po redu festival savremene umjetnosti arTz održan je u Tuzli i nastao je iz potreba mladih ljudi za kulturnim promjenama u društvu u kojem živimo. 490 more words


Počinje "ArTz" festival savremene umjetnosti u Tuzli

U Ateljeu “Ismet Mujezinović” je danas održana press konferencija održana povodom početka “ArTz” festivala, a na kojoj je ujedno predstavljen i program festivala.

“ArTz” festival savremene umjetnosti svoju priču  počinje 2014. 166 more words


Art (draft): Isis Smiting Her Enemies

This is based on the dream I wrote about previously. I felt an urge to begin drawing Her this afternoon, and this is what I’ve got so far. 142 more words