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The Most Annoying Indian Commentators

Maninder Singh: Maninder Singh was signed by Doordarshan as a part of their historic show – Fourth Umpire. Between ads of Mysore Sandal Soap and Dandi Namak, Maninder Singh peppered the match with his own wit and understanding of the game. 1,226 more words


The Rushmore 2 - Bengal Ranji cricketers

The Rushmore of Bengal Ranji cricketers.

Nirmal Chatterjee ; Pankaj Roy ; Arun Lal ; Sourav Ganguly.

Nirmal Chatterjee – The first great Bengal cricketer. 111 more words


The cadence of cricket viewing

No doubt, the advent of T20 format has expanded the opportunities for cricket viewing like nothing else before. New T20 championships are being announced and organised like they are going out of fashion. 737 more words


Commentating about Commentators

Just like a few of you, I have grown up watching cricket matches in the early 90s on DoorDarshan. There was a 30 minutes news break at the scheduled time regardless of the state of the match. 443 more words


IPL commentator dies of excitement during strategy break

Johnnie…no more in the picture.

Cape Town. 14 May 2009.

Silencing T20 critics and ICL supporters in one blow, Johnnie Oswald, the New Zealand born famous IPL commentator died here of a heart-attack while announcing the very exciting ‘strategy break’ feature of an IPL 2.0 game between Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals. 152 more words