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What do we do with commentators?

“Hafeez is pushing smoothly. His partner Jamshed is satisfied today.” –Rameez Raja’s commentary and a homosexual mating call.

History frowns upon talkative people. Considering some of the “wise” proverbial statements from yore such as “Empty vessels make loud noise” or “Honey, stop jabbering and go make me a sandwich”, “That black man is talking way too much while picking cotton, time to put him under the whip”, one understands the ordeal this medium of communication has suffered over the years.

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The Arun Lal Moment

“Mile Sur MeraTumhara”. What was it? A song, a motley of major Indian languages, a congregation of the greatest talents that Mother India had, or a national propaganda to promote unity in diversity amongst Indians. 1,006 more words