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Arun: reducing polys

Today I back to modeling Arun again as I mention before I didn’t like how many polygons he had so I start reducing them. I think I’m doing well..? 8 more words


Harrow and Blackpatch Hills.

On Saturday I went for a walk inspired by the post of Malcolm Oakley, The Fairies of Harrow Hill. The forecast was excellent with good visibility, which is just what you need to enjoy the views. 844 more words


Arun: Rigging lesson with Delano Athias

I get yesterday an idea to do together with Delano Athias tutorial horse rig and once I finish it apply it in to my creature model. 635 more words


Arun: Creature progress

2 days ago I decide to continue working on my creature.. and without finishing it in zbrush I decide to retopologize it in 3Ds Max .. 47 more words


“ARUN Conscious Touch removes the clouds and allows the intrinsic light of Love and Awareness to shine through.”


Every time we touch we are being touched, touch always happens in both directions.

We touch with our hands, our eyes, our voice, our thoughts and our heart. 117 more words