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I Am

Sometimes you get
Tired of
Putting words after it
Thoughts after it
Actions after it
Sometimes you just
Want to rest in it
Stay in it… 20 more words


Escape from The Kingdom of Men. Part 1.

Long back, over twenty years ago, visiting India with the Lonely Planet Guide and a heavy load of colonial imprint, one was supposed to explore. First timers to India often come with far too much luggage and a very fixed idea to see the entire continent in four weeks. 3,181 more words

Extra-Terrestrials, Devas and Man

In 2010 I arrived at Thiruvannamalai from Varanasi. An elderly friend of mine from Paris wished to travel with me the Himalayas. We were students of the same Spiritual Teachers. 2,075 more words


18 days in India

At about two weeks into my trip, I came very close to buying a plane ticket to return home to Texas.

I didn’t have very many expectations for my stay at Ashok Tree. 1,386 more words

Personal Transformation

Lovers Love Completely: The Goddess Mystery. By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar

Picture of Arunachala by Gabriele Ebert

Song to the Goddess

Either let me be intoxicated
in your love completely
or put on my robes of joy… 1,108 more words


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The Goddess Mystery in the Yogic Tradition

Master Surgeries of Love

In 2002, during my managerial days at a Spiritual Publishing Company an author walked in. It was well past working hours and the evening light was making way for the stars. 5,366 more words


Free-Will to Fourth Dimension

One of the thoughts that made me struggle to understand was that of free-will and pre-destination. Which of this was true? A big part of my theoretical spiritual research was invested in its intellectual understanding. 1,661 more words