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Tanzanian Dust

Tanzania is amazing.

I was only there for six days, but it was one of the most amazing trips I have ever taken. As you can probably guess, we were visiting to go on safari and I soon became an addict. 82 more words


Goodbye to Kenya, Jambo to the Serengeti....

(09/08/15 – 13/08/15)

We arrived at the Acacia Campground in Nairobi early, which was the departure point for a bulk of the people on our tour. 1,890 more words

Adventure Travel

Travel is ripe for adventure. Going to new places and meeting new people is exciting. Tasting new foods, hearing different languages and getting to know local customs are all invigorating. 558 more words


Tanzanian bikers

Just had a long walk into town from Ilboru Village, picked up some supplies now time for some food…..with belly’s aching and legs weary sharki3 and fin all aboard! 31 more words



One of our many goals for intothestrange is to identify and develop some organizations that speak to our inner soul when it comes to education for children, a deep passion of ours. 228 more words



In Arusha Having an even textured tan makes no difference while I venture through the village and local markets where I am affectionately called “Mzungo” meaning “White man” by kids and adults alike. 103 more words


Confessions of a Vampire

Thanks to my Maasai friend, Raphael I had some strange dreams after he shared with us about some traditional Maasai customs. From slaughtering goats, separating the meat very carefully in a specific order, mixing and drinking the blood from the neck with kidneys! 35 more words