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A Living Sealed Jew-Demon

That was the reality of my life coming out of NAZI Germany .. These days we must stand up to some of the sad things that are happening ..

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The Judeo-Christian Nation of Lot

I know a lot of religiously committed gays .. If you are gay, I don’t know why you would not still take god and the Bible seriously.

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The Whore Church of USA

The Church in America is apostate. The nation is on the verge of destruction.

Rick Wiles from TruNews, Youtube Link.


Active Paralysis of Chuck Baldwin

I was schooled in one of the flagship Christian-Zionist colleges in the country. And obviously the doctrines of Christian-Zionism were taught exclusively in that school. All of my formal training was founded and grounded in Christian-Zionism.

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The Intrinsic-Sorcerer Jew

Kabbalah is voodoo that Jews do. It’s witchcraft (and Gematria and Divination). It’s numerology. It’s sorcery. It’s from satan.

Rick Wiles from TruNews, Youtube Link…

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Aryan genetics

Aryan wars: Controversy over new study claiming they came from the west 4,000 years ago

A historical debate gets political again as new genetics research suggests our Aryan ancestors came in from the west over 4,000 years ago.

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The American Whore Jew Mother

Legalized Abortion in America is the result of Jewish values. It is the truth. Alabama Law is the clash between two religions, Judaism and Christianity. Abortion is a Jewish value, pro-life is a Christian value.

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