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when RA triggers me mentally

i was studying Module 8 of my EULAR Rheumatology Course, and i think there might have been some transference and maybe even some projection. ugh it was so bad my anxiety was escalating i had to put it down till i’m ready to face it again. 52 more words


what gives?

the plan i have with my anaesthetist since i saw him last Thursday was to cut down pregabalin(Lyrica). but it does seem like his plans and mine are incongruent. 228 more words


c'mon, give us a break

“don’t be so negative”, said my anaesthetist today.

i hear passing remarks of such or of similar kind frequently. how do i react? now, i do get a little peeved, but i don’t even fight back. 572 more words


i don't need a rheumatologist

i defaulted on my rheumy for the very first time. i wanted to go, but i fought very hard in mind making a decision. waking up this morning for the appointment, i deliberated once more before i got myself ready to go out. 322 more words


how not to trigger me, dadmum

  • unless you also have an incurable disease with a couple of diagnoses to go with it, i’ll appreciate it if you could keep your opinions to yourself tqvm.
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oh heart

I forgot to mention that my repeat 2D echocardiogram of my heart still shows a dilated left ventricle. LVIDd of 5.1cm. This is in comparison to 5.2 cm from back in July, Negligible? 163 more words



400 days out of the hospital for a psychiatric-related admission.

i don’t miss it at all, being incarcerated. i know sometimes it can give you some some rest and respite from the crazy and chaotic world. 393 more words

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