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i wrote this as a stark reminder to myself, that the act of being alive is in and by itself, enough. that in a world that asks of you anything and everything, without pretty much a care, it’s okay to simply breathe. 14 more words


i stayed for 7 days and have undergone the currents 3 times, so that i could be discharged the next day.

but it wasn’t meant to be. 186 more words


strength in falling

there is strength in falling, that you don’t know. it’s a rough tumble down into the dark abyss, that you can’t imagine. it’s staring into the white ceiling and the fan rotating, that you begin to realise. 130 more words

Mental Health

I'm quite sure they're trying to kill me

a part of me died again, when i heard for myself those words from my anaesthetist. i suspect that one day they’ll be the death of me. 400 more words


on Tuesday i was told by my GP i have a quinsy- peritonsillar abscess. it probably came as a complication of the tonsilitis that started from 2 weeks ago. 404 more words

As A Patient

ain't healing well

my full thickness graft has taken, according to the doctors. however, about 10-20% of the graft looks like it will not hold. these parts have been slough, some of it have fallen off, and now the doctor is saying these 10-20% of it looks like it has pseudomonas. 169 more words

As A Patient

a 3rd shoulder opinion

entering the consultation room, i saw my anaesthetist pouring over the notes in the system written by my rheumy, the EMD doctors and his colleague who saw me. 631 more words