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ain't healing well

my full thickness graft has taken, according to the doctors. however, about 10-20% of the graft looks like it will not hold. these parts have been slough, some of it have fallen off, and now the doctor is saying these 10-20% of it looks like it has pseudomonas. 169 more words

As A Patient

a 3rd shoulder opinion

entering the consultation room, i saw my anaesthetist pouring over the notes in the system written by my rheumy, the EMD doctors and his colleague who saw me. 631 more words


be the nurse whom you want to be treated by

having caught a URTI and laryngitis, i had a break (3 days!) from work to recover, which to me is a delight. simply because as a chronically ill patient, i don’t get sick leave from being ‘sick’. 769 more words

As A Patient

sick- after a code blue?


i am down with an upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) and laryngitis. basically i have no voice. i have taken medical leave from work. 444 more words


pain and the wait-and-see game

there really isn’t much my anaesthetist can do, really. i saw him this morning, and for the pain i suffer, perhaps what i am taking is already “too much”. 348 more words


when RA triggers me mentally

i was studying Module 8 of my EULAR Rheumatology Course, and i think there might have been some transference and maybe even some projection. ugh it was so bad my anxiety was escalating i had to put it down till i’m ready to face it again. 52 more words


what gives?

the plan i have with my anaesthetist since i saw him last Thursday was to cut down pregabalin(Lyrica). but it does seem like his plans and mine are incongruent. 228 more words