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a rare chance

i was in the hospital for the last 6 days because of a raging infection on my arm (CRP was 101). to say the least, i was extremely reluctant to bring myself to the hospital because i knew what would come out of it. 501 more words

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note to self

you think life is about living, but it’s really about not dying. you think recovery is about not being sad, about not being anxious, about hitting those milestones of not hurting yourself, of not wanting to annihilate yourself, of not being admitted. 605 more words

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still trying

at the dawn of my depression, my younger sister once told me that “when you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way is up”. wise words which i tried to believe in, but up was never where i went. 644 more words

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with every breath

it has been a tough many weeks for me.

i spent the entire time holding on¬†to my faith for my dear life.i feared that had i let go even a little, i’d completely lose myself or my life. 308 more words

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i wrote this as a stark reminder to myself, that the act of being alive is in and by itself, enough. that in a world that asks of you anything and everything, without pretty much a care, it’s okay to simply breathe. 14 more words


i stayed for 7 days and have undergone the currents 3 times, so that i could be discharged the next day.

but it wasn’t meant to be. 186 more words


strength in falling

there is strength in falling, that you don’t know. it’s a rough tumble down into the dark abyss, that you can’t imagine. it’s staring into the white ceiling and the fan rotating, that you begin to realise. 130 more words

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