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As Opposed to the Fake Question?

Oh, some of the utterances that leave our mouths make me wonder.

The latest example I’ve heard: Somebody wanting to emphasize the question he or she is about to ask says, “The real question is …” 90 more words

Use your listening ears

Humans, at least based on our current evolution, only have the one pair. Just another term regularly in my vocabulary with a 7 and a 4 year old in the house. 8 more words


Coldplay - A Paradise of Repitition...

 Regardless of whether you consider Coldplay’s newest album “Mylo Xyloto” to be the golden spike or the rusty nail of the fortification that is your… 158 more words


Drake - I'm On and On and On.....

 In the short little while I’ve been appreciating Drake instead of just writing him off as white noise in the mainstream music scene, I’ve felt the common vibe that he instills in his listeners, a reminder of why they are fans. 196 more words


Young The Giant - My Body Tells Me Change Is Needed

I remember a time not to long ago, in a world where my Ipod wasn’t in the hands of thieving…thieves, I had a E.P. called ‘Shake My Hand’ by a group named The Jakes. 145 more words