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As You Like It (2006)

Shakespeare movies are usually a hit or miss, depending on how they are portrayed. For instance, there are plenty of portrayals of Romeo and Juliet as well as Macbeth and Hamlet, but I have never seen a portrayal of this play before watching this movie. 106 more words

What’s So Complex about Shakespeare’s Immortal Rosalind?

Rosalind and Hamlet are surely the most complex in the vast parade of Shakespeare’s characters. In another dimension they could have been brother and sister. 41 more words


PTS01/006: Je T'aime ... Moi Non Plus

Henry VI 1:  Act V

[subtitled: “It’s always the quiet ones you need to watch out for.”]

As I finished the play, it occurred to me that women play a much larger role than I might have guessed back in the heady days of January, when I started seriously thinking about this project.  932 more words

Richard III

Can Body Parts be Physical Props?

Were it not better,

Because that I am more than common tall,

That I did suit me all points like a man?

A gallant curtal-axe upon my thigh, 272 more words

Shakespearean Berkeley?

One of Berkeley’s most distinctive theses is the claim that the world that appears to us in perception and experiment constitutes a “divine language,” an address from God: “There is a certain analogy, constancy, and uniformity in the phaenomena or appearances of nature, which are a foundation for general rules: and these are a grammar for the understanding of nature, or that series of effects in the visible world, whereby we are enabled to foresee what will come to pass, in the natural course of things. 217 more words

What Happens in Orlando Stays in Orlando: As You Like It, reviewed.

As You Like It is my favorite Shakespearean comedy after Twelfth Night, but when the actor playing Orlando can’t hang with the actor playing Rosalind, it prevents this pleasant diversion from being something deeper. 14 more words


The Story of How I Choose My Wordpress Username

In the continuous and varied attempts to feel close to my deceased grandfather, I’d come to know that he was a very devoted follower of Swami Vivekanand. 445 more words