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The pages are not quite white

And will not yield to my pencil –

The lead will have to fight to

Scratch out marks

Upon the pages. 131 more words


Review: As You Like It

Image: WikiCommons

9th June 2016, Varsity, Online Theatre Section

If you were to name any Shakespeare play that could be performed outside, you would probably say… 380 more words


Act 2, Scene 45 - "Comedy sound effect."

Notes on Old Dog Part Two: Orlando and Rosalind

Seriously, Act 2, Scene 7! What the Hell, Orlando?

And of course, Rosalind gets a comedy sound effect and the chance to pull a funny face. 15 more words

Act 2, Scene 44 - "His fate remains a mystery."

Notes on Old Dog Part One: Orlando and Adam

Zounds, Alack, and By My Troth goes into the woods again, (you have to every now and then) for another trip down… 237 more words

THE YEAR OF 'SPEARE 05: 'I DID Come Here To Make Friends'; As You Like It and 'Reality'

IMAGE: As You Like It directed by Kenneth Branagh (Shakespeare Film Company, 2006)

Set your expectations to ‘shocked’.  Prepare to be astounded.  Because I am about to utter (no doubt for the very first time on the internet) the most original, brave, singular thought ever articulated: 4,091 more words