Tags » As

telling as the free

held as its own hand

and the manner

as its own


as its own turning

as its own duration

and making

as its own turning… 44 more words


leftovers as truth

stars as the follow

and secure

as its own known

and what it was the previous

and solid

as its own telling

and moving

as its own held… 44 more words


willing as enter

thought as its own pair

and whom

as the birds

and a nest of forever a dream

and caught

as the shadow

and whom

as the other… 51 more words


fall as that

backwards as its own indeas

forward as its own laughter

and stance

as its own pearl of wisdom

and dealt

as its own turning

and caught… 70 more words


papers as words

look into the unknown

and a story

as its own chance

and part as its own glance

and details

as its own river

and told… 49 more words


Letters I Never Sent: as

I think you’re beautiful. I think you’ve done so many beautiful things for me and all the people in your life.

I think you’re gorgeous and you don’t even see it. 571 more words

Short Story

caught as sad

dry as the meaning

and measure

as the eyes

and overall

and caught

as its own slide

and point

as its own being

the strange… 47 more words