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Asah עָשָׂה

Well hello there! I am creating this space so I can share with you my four loves:

Food. Music. Literature. & Photography.

The name for my site: Asah is a Hebrew word meaning, “to do, or to make,” as used in Genesis ( The Creation Story). 84 more words


Learning How To Advocate For Your Special Needs Child

          ASAH is a New Jersey based non-profit organization for Special Needs Students and their parents, They provide a helpful web resource which is currently featuring a series of short videos that can give you some guidance about becoming an advocate for your special needs child. 12 more words


and God said

In Genesis 1, verses 3, 6, 9, 11, 14, 20, 24, and 26, words frequently used were:

  1. “and God said”
  2. “Let there be”, and “there was”
  3. 403 more words

Bukit Asah| Beautyful Hill in Bali

Bukit Asah located in Bugbug village, Karangasem – Bali, is a beautiful place where now more and more visitors who come to enjoy its natural beauty. 265 more words


Forming His Treasure

“I know that whatever God does will last forever; there is nothing to add or subtract from it; and God has done it so that people will fear him.  1,600 more words

Truth- The Most Glorious Adventure

Photo credit to Abigail Vencil Photography.

“ (The one who saw this happen has spoken of it, so that you also may believe. What he said is true, and he knows that he speaks the truth.) “  John 19:35… 1,340 more words

Tohu wa -bohu, Earth "Was" or "Became," Waste and Void?


The original Hebrew reveals what God is saying in the creation of the universe

When we conduct a serious study in the correct usage of the Hebrew language, we find that Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1, was not written as a collection of verses which describe the original creation of God. 2,211 more words

The Age Of The Earth