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The Road to Tokyo Marathon 2015 #PartFour - Finish

D- DAY !


Lumayan nyenyak tidurnya semalem. Begitu bangun tidur saya masih sempet leyeh-leyeh sambil whatsapan sama Mama yang nanyain kondisi lutut saya sambil berpesan untuk ngukur kemampuan diri sendiri sekaligus ngasih semangat & doain saya ga berenti-berenti. 2,683 more words

Japan: Lost in a Dream

A  few months ago I flew to Japan to spend my Christmas vacation with my family in Tokyo. The trip had long been dreamed of, with my mother expressing her ambition to take me there for the past 18 years or so, but the dream did not fully materialize until the year 2014. 1,738 more words


Menyibukkan Diri di Sibuknya Nakamise Dori, Tokyo

Ya, Nakamise dori yang terkenal selalu ramai dikunjungi ini memang memancing gw untuk tidak mau ketinggalan sibuk saat bertandang ke sana. Wajar saja jika jalan yang panjangnya sekitar 250 meter ini selalu sibuk, terutama di akhir pekan dan hari libur. 798 more words


OkoNOMiyaki in Asakusa

As it turns out, it was probably just as well my flight to Japan was delayed for a day, forcing me to forego my trip to Nikko and instead spend an extra day in Tokyo. 1,430 more words


From Asakusa to Ueno Station, Streets with no name... and very few people

As I took a walk on a Tuesday morning in the north-east side of Tokyo (the area of Asakusa), I was struck by how empty the streets were in such a big and overpopulated city. 291 more words

Outdoor & Street Photography

Tokyo - Sensoji Temple, Asakusa

Sensoji Temple was built in the year 628. It represented to both Shinto and Buddhist worship. Although crowded, worshippers made their way to the main alter with their intentions known. 442 more words


Tokyo - Asakusa

The boat ride was pleasant and provided an opportunity to observe the backwaters of the old neighborhood. The river journey passed under several bridges that connected east and west of the Sumida River. 419 more words