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Hello equanimity!

As I walked to class this morning I looked up at the wintry trees swaying in the strong wind, those with leaves fluttering madly, those without swaying their bare branches. 366 more words


Asana: proving that paleo isn't just for cavemen

For an early Christmas celebration, my girlfriend suggested we try out Asana, by Pete Evans, a restaurant in the city with a strictly paleo menu. Now, for someone who loves pizza and thinks dairy and carbs should be properly enjoyed for all of eternity, abandoning my core beliefs for the night felt treacherous. 549 more words


Attone Part II

Feeling pretty fabulous post lovely morning at Desert Forge Fitness. I sure needed to get on my mat!  I am already eager to head to Vivify later today!   63 more words

Spending this Thanksgiving in 'Turkey Pose'

Okay, it’s not actually called Turkey Pose – it’s Crane or Crow Pose. But on Thanksgiving, I suppose Turkey Pose sounds more fitting. After weeks on top of weeks of practicing my plank, I have finally managed to move on to Bakāsana (बकासन), a yoga pose I have wanted so badly to make available to myself ever since I was a senior in high school. 32 more words

My Strangest Stories

Asana Beauty Skin Lightening Anti-Aging Cream

According to Asana: “Skin lightening cream is a blend of gentle, natural ingredients that can reduce hyperpigmentation, spots and uneven skin tone. No harsh chemicals like butylene glycol that have negative effects on skin. 526 more words


Lady's Holiday and Ashtanga Yoga Practice

Lady’s holiday refers to the convention of women taking rest during the first three days of the menstrual cycle. However, I have it on good authority from my wife, Rachelle, that it is no “holiday” at all. 543 more words

Paul Gold

Thanksgiving Blessings :)

Taking a few minutes before I start watching KenHub anatomy videos of the lower extremeties.  These videos are darn interesting but I am feeling SUPER overwhelmed by anatomy today.   56 more words