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Committed to Achieving the Unachievable

In January of 2016 I attended my first Jivamukti open class at the yoga studio where I was enrolled to do my Teachers Training. As you know, I only did the teachers training as a way to challenge myself but when that class started I realized how bad I was at yoga. 583 more words


Morning Yoga

This week, I’m in NYC visiting friends in the city I called home for 5 years. The neighborhood I lived in, Hamilton Heights, is growing quickly: new coffee shops and cafes have popped up every time I’ve visited this year. 415 more words


Waking up at sunset

Hubby’s got himself a new osteopath and a new diagnosis for his back pain. It all sounds like progress to me. I like the sound of his osteo — and not just because his description of our yoga together recently got her thumbs up!!  618 more words


If you’ve been staring at a computer all day, this is for you

Here are two simple stretches which make a big difference to your neck and shoulders. Perfect if you’ve been staring at a screen or if you’re tense from a stressful day. 299 more words


​Es bonito tener motivo para encontrarnos y compartir,

Es bonito que la respiración y frecuencia cardiaca sea la perfecta música para la danza, para las asanas. 63 more words

Oh, Oh. I'm 49. WTF???

How can this be?

I’m most grateful to be alive and kickin’.  The alternative isn’t what I want until years from now.  I have a goal of being able to do the splits when I am 90. 76 more words

Putting "Therapy" into Your Yoga

Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.  ~BKS Iyengar

I am often asked “What is Yoga Therapy?” and “How is Therapeutic Yoga different from regular yoga and from Physical Therapy or other forms of traditional therapy?”. 

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