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Angels and Asanas on Amorgos

I was on a shoot in Lisbon when my friend sent me the message.

“Babe. I can get us a holiday on a Greek island in a five star hotel for half price but we need to book it today. 2,126 more words

Let's Be Honest, Yoga is Not Bliss

“Yoga can show us how good it feels to be alive. But yoga will also show us exactly how badly we feel.”

Yoga is filled with bliss. 291 more words


Is Yoga Safe? Is Yoga Safer Than Other Types of Exercise?

I haven’t been doing yoga for a very long time therefore I wasn’t even aware of the very traditional notion that yoga poses are supposed to be healing and yoga cannot harm you. 364 more words

Science And Yoga

Mindfulness-based yoga practice vs Daily Walks on Depression in Women

In yoga research, the most common research designs is to compare pre and post measures of a group of people completing a yoga programme. The second most favourite  design is to compare a yoga group to an inactive group. 204 more words

Science And Yoga

Is One Yoga Style Better Than Another?

This is a recent study by Cramer et al. (2016) that compared whether different yoga styles varied in their positive results reported by the participants.  Cramer et al. 269 more words

Science And Yoga

Stop Procrastination–Now

Slaying the Procrastination Monster

Procrastination is brutal. It’s this big, dark cloud that hangs over our lives and our businesses. We will all experience it in one form or another if given enough time. 458 more words

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