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The Yoga Room at the Airport

Did you know that Chicago Midway airport has a Yoga Room? Flying back from Tucson on Wednesday, my layover in Chicago was extended due to the delayed departure of my next flight. 219 more words


Intermediate: Mudra: actualizing energy

The word mudra is often used in conjunction with asana. In that case, mudra is a component of an overall asana in physical yoga. But, in these meditations, mudra is the focal point for actualizing an invoked energy or an invited quality of Presence. 71 more words

Current Round

Taking a Leap with Hanumanasana.

This week started like many others – in a whirlwind. Not having a 9 to 5 job, my weekends are usually a balancing act of working early mornings in my job at the yoga studio, working nights in my bar, and spending time with my husband and friends who are all full of energy and zest for the prospect of a weekend. 343 more words


Flaming Hoops

I really don’t like getting put on the spot.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think most people do.  But I get an intense physiological response when being tested under scrutiny and it is more than the average bear’s levels.   290 more words

head vs heart

the head tells me it has true understanding. it offers up endless sequences of thoughts, seductive in their logic. they fit together, they sound good and neat, so they must be true. 206 more words


The Beauty In The Storm:Florida Keys Camping

We headed down to the Florida Keys last weekend, knowing well that a cold front was scheduled to arrive, and with that cold, it was predicted to storm. 467 more words