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New Beginnings - New Moon

With the new moon this morning, it not only marked the beginning of the end of the year but the start to things anew, letting go of things that do not serve us and the new possibilities ahead. 468 more words

Mental Health

Best offering

Class started in full praṇām. Prostrate, arms outstretched, palms turned upward. The ultimate giving pose. Deeply humbling, stretched out on the floor, no defense. It’s impossible to transition easily out of this posture. 580 more words


Shake Hands with the Past

In most contexts, it seems that our feelings with regard to the past motivate us to reflect on it with anger, sadness, regret, or frustration. Many of us look at the past as evidence of why we are the way that we are, and that can often lead to the stirring up of animosity, resentment, or shame. 836 more words


Send Me Balance

“By your stumbling, the world is perfected.”

–Sri Aurobindo

I twisted my ankle the other night and have been peevish about it all week. I spent every day with my foot propped up, working long hours at the computer, drinking an extra glass of wine at night, mostly skipping exercise, and avoiding the doctor until the end of the week–lured mainly by the prospect of a free crutch and a handicapped parking hangtag.

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GTD + Asana = My Sanity

I first read Getting Things Done (also called “GTD”) earlier this year, after seeing it mentioned in many a blog post and Youtube video. Although I loved the basic tenets of David Allen’s system, I had a really hard time with how much of it was done on paper. 848 more words


Таны ажлыг хөнгөвчлөх 5 хэрэгсэл

Монголын ихэнх компаниуд уламжлалт менежментийн арга барилаас илүү орчин үеийн хэв маяг руу шилжиж байгаа энэ цаг үед тэдэнд үйл ажиллагаагаа илүү боловсронгуй, илүү хурдтайгаар явуулахад тус болох хэрэгслүүдийг энэ удаад онцолж байна.