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Awake in Savasana

It struck me today that all asanas are but preparation for savasana. The body extends and expands only to awaken in the pose of the corpse.


Extended Triangle

When sequencing externally rotated standing poses, we will often enter Extended Triangle aka Utthita Trikonasana after Warrior II, taken that the position of the feet, legs, hips and torso are virtually the same with the difference of a straight front leg and a side stretch of the torso. 485 more words


Yoga for Traders

I have a suspicion that Patañjali was a derivatives trader. Yoga seems to have been created specifically for traders. There is much in Yoga that can aid a trader to become better at what he or she does. 1,544 more words

Yoga Philosophy

And on the seventh day...

… the higher power filled her with hate.

I say higher power because I don’t believe in God. I used to, but that faith left me at the same time my childhood innocence did. 415 more words

National Hugging Day

It’s National Hugging Day! The World needs more love, so seize the day and your friends, family, pets, or strangers (with their permission, of course) and hug it out! 54 more words


Heart stopping yoga

I thought I was going to have a (thankfully metaphorical) heart attack in class the other night. Not because I was pushing myself too far, certainly not because the teacher was driving us hard, and not because I’d stepped up to face my inner demons and taken myself (and the demons) along to the weekly advanced class, moving so far out of my comfort zone I can no longer see the path I’ve taken to get here, to this surprising place. 649 more words