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The Story Behind Garudasana - Eagle Pose

During Yoga class you may have heard the standing balance pose Garudasana, referred to as “eagle pose” and wondered why.  Garuda’s story can help us understand the intention that is required to fully embody Garudasana.   561 more words

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Rise to the challenge of thinking deeper about Asana

I’m not the first to say this, but Yoga has saturated the market. Yoga in the West has now manifested into a thousand and one faces. 452 more words


Why I love it when my muscles ache

Nearly 48 hours after my last class. I didn’t think I’d been working my body too hard. I kept very firmly within my (new) limits – … 463 more words


Agnistombasana ~ Firelog Pose

Agnistombasana, or fire log pose (also known as double pigeon),  is a very deep hip opening pose. Taking this pose can be challenging so it’s important that practitioners listen to their bodies and ensure they aren’t going too far – as is the case with any pose! 426 more words


Yoga Creature Feature: Crane

This week’s creature feature is the Crane. An elegant, sleek species, this beautiful animal is the tallest of all flying birds. They graze and wade in wetlands and other large open areas of water, can be found on almost every continent in the world, and are a symbol for youth and happiness throughout Asia. 272 more words


I’m Heather McCoy and This Is How I Mesh

I hate to disappoint you but I never do any meshing. The title of this piece should really be, “I’m Heather and This Is How I Help You Mesh.” 1,043 more words


Just keep swimming

After nearly a month of illness at the beginning of the year, I’ve made several lifestyle changes. More sleep; less commitments. More yoga; less worry. More leafy greens; less processed foods. 148 more words