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Can I be of assistance?

I chuckled inwardly when one of the student teachers referred to our teacher giving ‘adjustments’ in class. He corrected this to ‘assists’ as a better word to describe what he offers! 454 more words


Ommm Smile: Reflection of the Soul

July’s theme post to kick off the second half of the year with the beautiful community at Nourishing Storm.  Visit the Storm and see what everyone is smiling about. 483 more words

8a. Posture and meditation

Good posture supports good meditation. The proof of that is you and your meditation. Evidence is also in the globally recognized image of someone sitting in lotus (cross legged) posture in meditation. 249 more words

Current Round

Two easy poses for tight hips and lower back pain

I was asked to write something for hips and lower back pain and have chosen two poses this time. The first is a seated pose and I selected it as it’s fairly easy to squeeze in here and there when you might normally be sitting cross-legged. 422 more words

For crying out loud

We touched on crying in class recently in Teacher Training. My teacher asked me to talk about my experiences — not about my own breakdowns (of course!) but a time when I was next to someone who was crying hard during class. 695 more words


Getting comfortable

I really enjoyed the restorative yoga class last night. I’m getting more used to letting go, ‘inviting the pose’ as the teacher puts it, rather than trying to get somewhere — or indeed fervently wishing I was somewhere else entirely! 511 more words


Compassion course: week 4

Happy Friday! This is the third installment of a weekly svadjaja (self study) series I’m doing on a year long online Non-Violent Communication (NVC) course that I’m taking. 260 more words