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Yoga: GEMINI family – Power of TWO

Last Friday, we introduced Gemini sign in our TGIF Yoga, Yin & Yang – Astrology/ Asana 12:00 yoga class. Today, May 20, 2018, the Sun swings into chatty Gemini, the star sign of dynamic DUOS. 870 more words



Sometimes it is not the doing, but the undoing that takes the most effort or has the greatest impact.

Every day we go about our lives… 594 more words


Yin Arm Sinew Meridians

The meridians or the channels are the paths that the Qi travels. In the Yin Yoga Teacher Training I am taking we are focusing on the SINEW Meridians. 535 more words


How Are You Making You A Consistent Priority?

Consistency is a challenge to every yoga practice. Sticking with your practice when you’d rather stay up late, sleep in, or simply skip it just because takes effort and commitment. 189 more words


Sunday's Neck

On Sunday as we went through Chair Pose (Utkatasana) I saw that Sunday was holding her neck and shoulders funny.  Funny, as in awkward.  I said the usual, “Drop your shoulders.” But I could see that Sunday’s shoulders were fine.  276 more words


Shift App for Productivity + Design

Every now and again I come across a bit of software, that I really enjoy using, that makes things simpler and makes me a bit more productive. 203 more words

Salamba Sirsasana I - Preparation

Basic instructions to help you do Salamba Sirsasana I – Preparation, Supported Headstand I Preparation.