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Happy International Day of Yoga!

As the summer solstice ushers in this new holiday, try this sequence developed by Geeta Iyengar. She starts the sequence with the invocation to Patanjali. 72 more words


How Yoga Changed My Life (and Body!)

Every weekday for a year and a half, since I started school at Grand Valley, I would take time out of my days to walk to the gym. 1,513 more words


Things to do on Yoga day

Symbolism must end at some point and in-depth understanding must begin. Everyone from the Prime Minister to citizens across the globe will celebrate the Yoga day… 436 more words


Top 5 Yoga Studios in Brighton

As a spiritual and creative hub it is little surprise that yoga has taken off in Brighton in a huge way! There are plenty of dedicated studios across the city offering a variety of yoga styles and classes, Brighton also hosts its very own annual… 350 more words

Foundation Day 5

After the last BWY Foundation Day, day 4… I was left feeling unsure about how I felt about taking part in all of this.  I struggled to find the motivation to go yesterday. 521 more words


Your Yoga Practice - No Excuses! Align With Your Power.

Yoga’s ancient origins stem from the very spiritual, Himalayas of India, with some saying that it is as old as 10,000 years. For many of us in the West we believe that it is a practice designed for the health of the body and as a bonus calms the mind. 667 more words


Once good, twice even better

So I just gave my Second Ever Yoga Workshop today. I’m feeling super-proud and a teeny bit accomplished! But I’m keeping things really modest, baby steps and all. 515 more words