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your Friday asana!

Adho mukha svanasana!  Downward facing dog.  Sometimes I just want to hang out, hang my head low, and let it all go.  Sometimes I have to drag myself to the mat, and all I can manage is a down dog.   31 more words



I love backbends, they are a great part of my daily practice and not a single practice day goes by without me doing the Standing Backbend Pose. 314 more words


How I learned to do King Cobra pose 15 years ago

Back in 4th Grade, when I was just a little ankle biter who had no idea what Yoga was, in fact, hadn’t even heard the term, I learned to do King Cobra pose. 334 more words


You, Yoga & Hypertension

Google “yoga and hypertension” or “yoga and high blood pressure” and the number of articles are just staggering in support of yoga being beneficial in assisting to regulate blood pressure. 1,280 more words


Language of the Body... The Yoga Way Of Life!!!


“Asana” is the Sanskrit word for a physical posture. Expressed in general terms Asana denotes a specific position which can be held in a relaxed and comfortable manner for a long period of time. 1,076 more words

Friday asana aid: Handstands and arm balances

At the end of my exploration of Second Series last Sunday with Maria Zavala, she encouraged/ordered me to do more handstands/arm balances, including handstand with your knees bent but all your weight well over your body. 73 more words


Rainy Yoga

I laid down on the hot pavement of greenway.  It was raining at the time.  So there was this intense heat wherever my body touched the ground and this intense cold where my skin was exposed to the sky and rain falling down. 494 more words