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on the mat: Tadasana


The end of the day

Standing in Tadasana
palms touch in prayer, eyes close
soles feel the ground for the first time today

a conscious breath… 26 more words

Inner Peace

Yoga for JOY

A little while ago I posted on yoga for anxiety which involves nourishing, forward bends. This post is somewhat opposite.

Each of our bodies call for different things at different times and the practice of yoga strengthens our awareness of our needs. 305 more words


If You Avoid It, It's For You

Yoga is a vast universe. We all come to yoga for different reasons. We want to de-stress, get strong, soothe anxiety, heal an injury, etc. Then it hooks us. 357 more words



We had such a beautiful practice this morning! It was the Primary Series, together with my soul sister and it was literally this: soul related. We chanted the opening prayer together and from there just flowing through the asanas in perfect harmony. 154 more words


Bhujangasana Pointers

Some pointers for Bhujangasana, Serpent or Cobra Pose


Uttanasana Variations And Their Health Benefits


Begin in your version of Uttanasana—either with knees bent or legs straight. Next, draw your arms back and up towards your tailbone and interlace your fingers. 88 more words

Health & Fitness

Winds of change

I woke up, fresh and alert at around 3:30 this morning. While it was way too early, I didn't really feel like staying in. So, out of bed it was and the kittens were happy to see me, or so I like to think. 198 more words