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Our Cars are Healthier than Us!!

This is a rhetorical question I posed to the participants in one of my Yoga classes:

‘Are your vehicles more precious than your body?’

After a brief pause I continued, “When your car needs an oil change, do you skip that activity because you have no time?”. 459 more words


Kisah Burung Kapinjala

ALKISAH seekor gajah berteduh di sebuah pohon beringin dan menganggap pohon itu sebagai miliknya. Sehingga tatkala seekor monyet datang dan mengklaim pohon itu milik si monyet, gajah pun gusar. 142 more words


In placebo we trust

“This means that the body we have today is nothing but the accumulation of our past thoughts, emotions, and actions. In fact our body is the crystallized history of our past thoughts. 139 more words


Kiat Mengurangi Dampak Negatif Makanan Non Organik

TIDAK bisa dipungkiri sekarang bahwa makanan organik harganya lebih tinggi daripada harga makanan non organik. Hal itu mengakibatkan lebih banyak orang yang mengonsumsi produk non organik karena secara keuangan mereka lebih bisa menjangkaunya. 543 more words


Salamba Sirsasana I - Pointers

A few points to help you with Salamba Sirsasana 1, Headstand 1


Illuminating contrast

I was talking recently with a student who volunteered that she finds meditation in noisy places easier than in silence. She has stopped getting up so early for practice because she found the deep silence too difficult, whereas the noise of rush-hour traffic was much easier! 490 more words


The Tao of Yoga

“When the faith is strong enough, it is sufficient just to be. It’s a journey towards simplicity, towards quietness, towards a kind of joy that is not in time. 378 more words

Letting Go