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Pregini in the park

At 38 weeks pregnant, I decided to sunburn my bump and pose as a pregini (pregnant yogini) for yoga photos and videos in the park near our house in Ho Chi Minh City. 1,040 more words


Abide: Yoga Sutra 1.3

Tada drastuh svarupe avasthanam

Tada = “then”, drastuh = “the Seer”svarupe = in one’s own nature/form (sva–in one’s ownrupe–form/nature)  520 more words

Dental Yoga (need photo)

There are times when yoga expands into daily life…at least for a while. Somehow along the yoga way I have been caught by my sweetheart standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth while I am holding my leg up with my other hand.  423 more words


Out beyond the castle defences

We had dinner with neighbours just recently. They’re only a door away but even so our interactions have been quite limited. An Englishman’s home is his castle after all. 594 more words


3 Ways to Use Asana for Church Communication

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

I love organizational tools. Naturally, I look for ways to stay organized online. Enter Asana. It’s a collaborative project management tool that I’ve found really useful. 256 more words