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3 yoga poses for clarity this Fall.

Hello Hanaq Prana Family,
When first joining the Hanaq Prana Yoga studio, I began by doing a karma exchange program. Cleaning the studio for free classes invited and opened my eyes to the sense of community around me. 305 more words


Trying trikonasana

Today’s home practice was trikonasana and ardha chandrasana. Independent, propped and back to independent asana. While ardha chandrasana was the pose I wished to practice, trikonasana posed the primary challenge and so became the focus. 414 more words


Letting Go

In my earlier days when practicing a yoga posture, I began to notice that I held my breath, particularly if I was doing something that I found mentally or physically challenging. 162 more words


Psoas Kasınızı Uyandırın

Yazar: Ray Long | Ortopedik Cerrah ve Yoga Eğitmeni

Çeviri: Yogaturk

* Bu yazı, Dr. Ray Long’dan izin alınarak Long’un kendi web sitesindeki bir makaleden… 1,140 more words


It's about people, not poses.

Some teachers teach poses; some teachers teach people. Some students want to work on their fitness, some students want to improve, grow, work on their body and mind. 338 more words


Restorative Retreat

In need of a mini-retreat but no vacation in sight?  Take 40 minutes out of your day to try the following restorative sequence for a guided practice of intention, acceptance and gratitude. 1,073 more words


Low Plank

This is one of my favorite shapes.
I love how contained and strong the body feels in this asana – as if I could carry the whole word on my back (or at least a cute puppy…)! 333 more words