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Trip Log – Day 258 – Red Bank, NJ to Toms River NJ

July 20, 2016 – Sun, 80 degrees

Miles Today: 51

Miles to Date: 13,325

States to Date: 34


Sorry Cape Cod, sorry Miami, sorry Port Christian, sorry Malibu. 503 more words

Bicycle Trip Log

I Trained and Overcame!

Last Saturday was a big day for me. It was my first half-marathon of 2016 and the longest run I’ve endured since my hip injury last year. 391 more words


C'mon, You Can Spare 5 Minutes

I’ve been interested in the field of health and fitness for 40 years and and over that time, some things have changed dramatically, while other things (and for good reason), have remained constant.  231 more words

Fit By Fred

Don't Put Your Neck on the Line

It amazes me, no correct that, it angers me when I hear coaches of athletes – in particular young athletes – aren’t focusing on strengthening the cervical spine, especially if that athlete is in a sport that involves physical contact.  154 more words

Fit By Fred


Many of today’s fitness and diet recommendations are one’s that offer extreme scenarios that, in my opinion, are not sustainable for the average person.  Allow me to explain in a bit more detail.  332 more words

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A Little Reassurance

In what has been nearly 4 decades since I immersed myself in the field of health and fitness and I still marvel at what the human body is capable of achieving.  206 more words

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So Maybe It's Not In Vain...

When I write blog posts, it is my sincere hope that those who may read what I write will find my words worth reading and in some way, present an opportunity to have a positive impact on them. 222 more words

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