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Different Types of Relationships in Different Countries

In my birth country, my natal ASC and DSC is Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. Gemini indicates a youngish person, constantly moving, talking and thinking. Sagittarius on the other hand indicates a middle age person, sometimes having a crisis. 221 more words


(Cont.) There's something we need to tell you about L...

L was a really early talker and we shared a deep connection where he communicated his needs from being tiny. The content of his talking changed around two years and four months-coinciding with the suggestion of ASC. 737 more words

The things they see.

Some kids would run on past and not give them a second look, Wee beastie two stood in front making snap snap noises at us and threatening to have them eat us. 100 more words

Beastie 1

ASC's Stellar 2017 Shows Growth of Industry

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council released some impressive achievements for 2017 in their December newsletter. ASC is a leader in supporting responsible aquaculture and provides certifications that are equally recognized by other certification schemes. 201 more words

"Autistic Imagination"

What is imagination?  It’s the ability to think up scenarios, settings, possibilities and things.  Autistics are completely able to do this – yet the myth persists that autism means impaired or absent imagination. 1,018 more words


There's something we need to tell you about L...

There’s a lot to say about L. There has been lots of talk for the past two years; I’ve said things, health professionals have said things, friends have said things, educators have said things, and family have said things. 608 more words

They say lightning doesn't strike twice... What does it mean to be 2e?

Twice exceptional, or “2e,” children are intellectually gifted (sometimes referred to as Higher Learning Potential) and also have learning differences or disabilities. Being gifted is a exception to the norm as is having a disability – so together and coexisting this is known as being twice exceptional. 200 more words