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Open letter to South West London St George's Mental Health Trust... from an Autistic adult who grew up undiagnosed

For the last few days I have seen lots of posts and reaction to the decision your trust has made to no longer diagnose ASD unless there is a co-morbid mental health condition. 1,120 more words


ASC issues Interim Cease Trade Order against OmniArch Capital Corporation

News Release

ASC issues Interim Cease Trade Order against OmniArch Capital Corporation

CALGARY –– The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has issued an Interim Cease Trade Order against Jay Rasik Modi, Arti Rasik Modi (a.k.a. 203 more words

Sharing: Do Not Open: Confidential - From Life Asper Margo

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
– Jiddu Krishnamurti

The greatest minds of the world went against the grain.

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Down time / relaxation - crucial for well being

People with autistic spectrum conditions often experience high levels of stress and anxiety, these can build up during the school day. This stress build up can have a detrimental effect on the well – being of learners, leading to a difficulty in engaging in lessons and an increase in behaviours that can be challenging for the rest of the class. 657 more words

Happy Boxes by Nicky: Achieving well-being through promoting joy

The aim of this blog is to support education professionals to promote the well-being of their pupils with severe autistic spectrum conditions through encouraging development of the self, spirituality, not in the sense of religious practice but relating to the mind, a growing understanding of personality. 2,346 more words

Sharing a cuppa – our ‘island of hope’

Sitting together for a drink is an important part of the spiritual development of my class. It is an opportunity to share space with others which can be a struggle, to experience calm when we can all relax and overcome stresses, to try new tastes and to express preference through choosing a drink and sometimes a snack. 495 more words

Supporting Learner Well-Being through Staff Well-Being

This blog aims to help teachers in special schools to help their pupils with severe autism to reduce their stress and anxiety. This blog entry is relevant but a bit off topic. 890 more words