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Disability in the Mainstream Media

This blog post idea came to me after Casualty and Holby City, two of my favourite hospital-based dramas, decided to cast autistic characters in episodes of their shows. 759 more words


What’s the future of the orthopedic patient experience?

Every professional life is a book comprised of chapters. My first chapter in orthopedic surgery began in Boston as a resident. In 1973, Dr William Harris at Mass General Hospital introduced me to a very new procedure imported from England and Dr. 235 more words


United Kingdom Buying Shrimp in Belize!

A strong will to increase its export market base and achieve the coveted international Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification led to the formation of the Belize Shrimp cluster and it is now reaping the benefits of accomplishing both goals. 106 more words

Please Sign my Petition

Hello to all of my readers and followers.  I have spent many years trying to raise awareness of PDA in order to raise the profile of this deeply misunderstood condition through my blog, my book, support groups and facebook. 390 more words

Campaigning for PDA Awareness

I have recently begun to campaign for the assessment and diagnosis of PDA in my home area of Stoke-On-Trent and North Staffordshire.  The manager of the NAS Stafford branch has joined me in this campaign and is simultaneously campaigning for assessment and diagnosis of PDA in South Staffs.   459 more words

Brain Preservation Breakthrough Could Usher in a New Era in Cryonics

Researchers from 21st Century Medicine have developed a new technique to allow long term storage of a near-perfect mammalian brain. It’s a breakthrough that could have serious implications for cryonics, and the futuristic prospect of bringing the frozen dead back to life.

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Requesting an Out of Area Referral

Asking for an out of area referral can be a tricky and complex process and the acceptance of any such request is determined by specific factors. 978 more words