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Autistic Bilingualism

I’m bilingual

My first language is English. It’s what my parents spoke at home, my first words and thoughts were English. I learnt Welsh when I went to Ysgol Feithryn (nursery). 752 more words


I wish you could see him

I wish you could see him the way we do. The joy and hunger for life, but also the struggle, every day. Everything is bigger, louder, more. 305 more words


Leading Questions

This is something that has been bothering me lately, it has made me angry with myself for missed opportunities. It has meant that when I have reached out at times, I have fallen at the first hurdle. 696 more words


The language of 'functionality' does not function

I have been told that I am a ‘high-functioning’ Autistic.

90% of the times that people try to apply this label to me, it is a last ditch attempt to try and get me to stop talking. 1,688 more words


Emotion as a sensory experience

Neurotypical people like to cling to the idea that ‘autistic’ and ‘emotional’ exist in an unbreachable dichotomy. Autistic people lack empathy, they say with certainty; we are emotionless when we should be emotional, cold to the feelings of others and unable to share in the same emotional experiences as the rest of the world. 1,450 more words