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The resurgence of thought

It’s Saturday evening. I got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep this afternoon, topping off my 24 hour total of about 9 1/4 hours. I’ve needed to sleep like this. 772 more words


Don’t try to use my autism against me if I decide you’re not the man for me...

One of the main problems that I have had throughout my life is asserting myself in relationships.  Or even having successful relationships where the other person enhances my life instead of using me, hurting me or causing me a catalogue of other unspecified nightmares. 748 more words


Nature or Nurture: My Autistic Skills

I’ve always thought of myself as a natural problem-solver. Give me the information and I can sort through it quickly, find the important bits, and come up with a plan. 1,137 more words


Windlab Announces Kiata Wind Farm Construction Completed and Generating Power

Windlab Limited (ASX: WND) today announced that the 31MW Kiata Wind Farm in western Victoria has completed construction, been connected to the electricity network and is producing both electricity and large scale generating certificates (LGCs). 562 more words

Daily ASX News

Papers and Panels of Interest at the 2017 American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting

We have big news. This year is the 73rd Annual meeting of the

American Society of Criminology. For the first time, Anthropoliteia is offering up a list of papers and panels to check out for anyone that finds themselves in The City of Brotherly Love. 419 more words

Black Lives Matter

‘People shouldn’t judge but they do’

I often hear the parents of children with Autism say that they become isolated from other people.  And I can see why.  People don’t want to understand.   622 more words