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"Public Body Behavioural Policies Discriminate Against Autistics"

 Let me start by saying, that I believe the policies in question, are being widely misused against any complainant that public bodies want to fob-off.  This is so, because in the UK there is a cover-up culture among the public sector and arbitrary labelling is used to deflect complainants, they can simply claim that a complainant’s behaviour is unreasonable, or vexatious.  1,066 more words


"Post-Traumatic Parent"

 It hit me today, that not only am I existing in survival mode, running on empty, but I am also living day-to-day with buried PTSD. 612 more words


Kaiser Health News report questions safety of ASCs: 5 things to know


Ambulatory surgery centers are often considered low-cost alternatives to expensive in-hospital care, but a new report from Kaiser Health News and USA Today raises questions about the safety of ASCs and the regulations that govern their practices. 404 more words

Encrypt a file with .asc public key

gpg --import file.asc
gpg -se -r "Name of imported public key" file_to_encrypt

LA Pen Show 2018 Recap ^_^

Every so often the stars align and this hippo gets to go to a pen show :)  This was my second pen show, and I have to say that DC (my first) set the bar for fun very high. 616 more words

Fountain Pen

How to Write Social Stories

Social Stories and Autistic Spectrum Disorder

It is often very frustrating when there are barriers in communication, particularly for those who have autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). 524 more words


Cinematographers Heed John Huston's Advice to 'Shoot With Your Gut'

The 23 directors of photography recognized by the American Society of Cinematographers with ASC Award nominations represent a sprawling range of sensibilities and approaches to the job of visual storytelling. 773 more words