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For the Love of Ectoplasm, Part 3

(continued from Part 2)

Late at night, the Inquest base got quiet. Most workstations were abandoned, most consoles shut off. Little geniuses yawned and drifted off to the barracks. 1,362 more words



Happy Thursday, everyone! You made it! We’re already more than halfway through this week. That means there’s only two days until the weekend, and some downtime is certainly overdue. 156 more words


Protective Factors

I am not a happy person. I can act happy, I can have happy moments but I’m not happy; and I know why.

I struggled growing up – I was bullied, I had no friends and I learnt to be scared of everyone. 656 more words


Aspiring Against Aspie Angst

The tools I use to cope with anxiety

Anxiety is the one constant in life; when I’m not anxious I feel strange. I often feel like there’s something ineffable which I should be doing, even when, for all intents and purposes, there’s nothing to worry about. 3,052 more words


For the Love of Ectoplasm, Part 2

(continued from Part 1)

“Bloody Inquest,” Trynden grumbled.

“Who knew they had a base here?” said Soffi.

“I think that’s the definition of ‘secret’ base, even in your book.” His jaw ached from the spasm that came with swallowing a jolt of electricity. 921 more words


To Change is to Exist

The darkness was no longer.  The noise was briefly painful as was the diffused light to my eyes.  “Pelidranthi, can you hear me?”

That voice, so familiar, yet so distant, yet so close. 327 more words