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The Ancient City of Ascalon

According to Lydian legend the founder of Ascalon was Askalos, the son of Hymenaios. Ascalon or Ashkelon has it´s better known today is one of the oldest cities in the world and situated close to Gaza on the northern Israeli coast. 125 more words


tbt: The Catacombs

When I made Arrika Lea and started playing through the Pre-Searing stuff again, one of the first places I was dying to go was the Catacombs. 260 more words


tbt: Ascalonian Rebel

Hello, it’s Alex here for another Throwback Thursday!

As promised, I went and made an Ascalonian character from the Prophecies campaign so I could relive the joy of playing the game for the first time. 374 more words


Range Report 19 October

I was happy to get to the range today and expend the ammunition that I did not get to do last week. However, my enthusiasm was tempered by my performance. 760 more words


Perspective on the 16" vs 20" Barrel Debate

I’m a regular reader of various gun related message boards. I did most of my learning about the AR-15 platform using these message boards, and used them (to great effect) to improve my part selection when first constructing and upgrading Ascalon. 932 more words


TR24G Initial Findings - What's Old is New Again

Since I have some free time today (work doesn’t start until this evening), I spent quite a bit of time practicing positional shooting with Ascalon and the TR24G. 272 more words


Range Report: 21 September 2014

After many weeks of wanting to get to the range, but then something inevitably coming up and making me re-prioritize my plans, I finally got out there today. 1,222 more words

Field Positions