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Blazing the trail

Morzn The Forswarn, who has been blazing the trail to see what lies ahead, found himself in Yaks Bend of the Shiverpeak Mountains.

This breathtaking land is populated by disgruntled dwarves and ice elementals. 80 more words

So it begins...

Late last evening Improbable Girl and I (Morpheus O) left pre-scarred Ascalon and founded our clan: Riddle of the Myomancy Protocol. Now that we had formed this… 37 more words

The Ancient City of Ascalon

According to Lydian legend the founder of Ascalon was Askalos, the son of Hymenaios. Ascalon or Ashkelon has it´s better known today is one of the oldest cities in the world and situated close to Gaza on the northern Israeli coast. 125 more words


tbt: The Catacombs

When I made Arrika Lea and started playing through the Pre-Searing stuff again, one of the first places I was dying to go was the Catacombs. 260 more words


tbt: Ascalonian Rebel

Hello, it’s Alex here for another Throwback Thursday!

As promised, I went and made an Ascalonian character from the Prophecies campaign so I could relive the joy of playing the game for the first time. 374 more words


Range Report 19 October

I was happy to get to the range today and expend the ammunition that I did not get to do last week. However, my enthusiasm was tempered by my performance. 760 more words


Perspective on the 16" vs 20" Barrel Debate

I’m a regular reader of various gun related message boards. I did most of my learning about the AR-15 platform using these message boards, and used them (to great effect) to improve my part selection when first constructing and upgrading Ascalon. 932 more words