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God Isn't Complicated

For a long time, I avoided talking about Religion with anyone because I guess I wasn’t really sure of what I believed in. I was raised in a very detached Catholic home with my Mother and Stepfather until I was around 11 years old. 1,177 more words

~ S U R R E N D E R ~

I don’t want to control anymore, the┬áresponsibility is too much for me. I used to think that we had control over what happened in our lives. 617 more words

Feast of Saint Eugene de Mazenod (21 May 2015)

We are now in that very important period of time between the Ascension of Our Lord into Heaven, and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. 343 more words

Daily Messages

Validity of channeling Ra

Ra, I am wondering on how I know that I am channeling you as an entity, and not just some thoughts in my mind.
We are Ra: Hold on, we are laughing, we are very amused indeed. 180 more words


Ra on polarity

Ra, I have a question. What is the good of polarity?
Ra: ‘Polarity let’s you experience the so called positive and the so called negative. The good and the bad. 187 more words


Channeling Ra on health

Ra, what can I do to get healthy?
Ra: We are Ra. We are happy to speak to you. We are Ra.
Health is happening on many levels. 81 more words