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11 ways to raise your vibration

          Vibration is life! We as sentient beings are inherently vibratory and emit frequencies that resonate with the energy we are feeling. Positive emotions (like joy, peace and love) are of a higher vibration because they keep us in a consistently positive state of being whereas “negative” emotions (like anger, hate and discord) tend to have a lower vibration which can keep us in a less positive state of being. 1,388 more words

what darkness taught me about light

      Oh man has the struggle been real these last few months or what? HELL YES IT HAS! Living check to check in fear that I wouldn’t be able to sustain myself, exhausted at the judgement from unknowing souls who assumed I just needed to “try harder,” even going hungry because health consciousness isn’t always an option when you can’t even get out of bed because depression is your only companion. 789 more words


… I am not meant to be a slave. I am not meant to be anyone’s subordinate. I am not meant to take orders from anyone whose as enslaved as I. 369 more words

nourish your soul, god

In this great period of spiritual evolution many are reconnecting with their higher selves without even knowing it in. We are ascending, brothers and sisters. 770 more words


Ascension Day

This morning I was reading a few verses from the book of Hebrews (in the bible). It is a letter to Jewish Christians, mainly dealing with the differences between Judaism and Christian faith. 459 more words



In time

The Light

Shall return

The shadows shall reclaim

What had appeared to be unborn

And much, much more shall be revealed.

ee Broom