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October, November & December 2018: Year-end Run for the Triple Crowns

“Have you clairvoyantly Seen and/or dreamed of seeing an ornate Crown or triple Crowns recently? I have, and it (a single Crown) was the most ornate brilliant white diamonds and pearls creation I’ve ever seen.

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Ascension Process

Energy Update: Rise In Schumann/Gaia Resonance, Full Moon, And SOULar Winds

By Jelelle Awen

I had difficulty getting into a deeper sleep last night and woke wide awake in the middle of the night for quite awhile….just felt like many energies were swirling around to activate/bridge to our next levels with so much of this happening on the subconscious level. 428 more words



You are a flyer
bringing your dreams to others.

Shifting Sand (acrylic on canvas, 2013)



You are taken past your notion
what is
and what will be
when you seek that which is inside of you.

Morning Mist (acrylic on stretched canvas)

Nothing is ordinary

Understand what is in your heart and soul
to understand
that nothing is ordinary.
And that everything is possible.
A World Apart (2018, acrylic on stretched canvas)

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Is It Organic Or Inorganic?

“Unrelatedly, yes, time is very odd lately. I can’t seem to get anything done, my ability to focus has gone even wonkier than usual. House is horrendous at this point.

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Ascension Process