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Summer Solstice Light Energies: In 2016 Light-Workers, We're Merging More With The Divine Light


 June Summer Solstice

Today is the first day of summer, technically speaking, and for 75% of the population of earth, the majority of people still think it’s about hot summer days, drinking beers and partying all night, cooking burgers at the beach which by the way always makes me physically sick, and then waking up the next morning and going to work. 2,300 more words


2016: The most challenging year yet?

Every year for the last several years has been challenging – fatigue, exhaustion of every kind, apathy, depression. I suspect some of my problems are physical in nature – probably hormonal – but life has cruelly left me without the means of seeking medical services. 242 more words


June 2016 Emotional Intensity & the Ongoing Completion Energies

 Hi Denise,

Numerous friends and I have noticed extremely strong emotional currents sweeping through during the last few days.  One highly evolved friend had such rage she finally wound up on the kitchen floor (her dog hugged her through it). 

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Ascension Process

June 2016: Another Evolutionary Shift Light-Workers, Get Ready For The June Shift To Higher Divinity

Since about the second last week of (May 2016) I have been doing what I always do, when humanity, and consciousness is about to experience another evolutionary shift higher with source/creator. 1,588 more words


2016 Light-Worker Strike: No Longer Energetically Holding The Ascension Doors Open For Unaware Beings In My Location


2016 Light-Worker Strike Update

It’s been many times now throughout my Ascension Process where I’ve had to do certain aspects of my mission, to deal with abominable situations that involve extremely dark and negative people, to quietly just do what is asked of me. 1,697 more words


To Light-Workers: The 6-9-9 Light-Wave Portal Energies - Regressed Consciousness & Being Very Certain Within Your Ascension Process Now In 2016

Light-Workers we’re finally here, and by here i mean the 6th (9-9) portal/gateway of 2016 and doesn’t it feel great. I know that i’ve been waiting for this specific portal/gateway to open up myself, to reach us, to shift us higher, to bring more divine light/love into us. 1,500 more words


To Light Workers: Having Clairvoyant Communication With Angelic Beings In 2016, This Is The Beginning Of Our NEW Future On Earth!

 In my daily life just like everyone else, who is embodying this Ascension Process, I to come across many struggles of my own when it comes to being a ( 1,663 more words