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New Energies New You > Selacia



Wednesday, 21 October, 2015  (posted 22 October, 2015)

With much of the recent cosmic turmoil behind us, do take notice of the calmer energies and set aside time to self-reflect. 535 more words

Tiara Kumara – We Are Mutating – 10-19-15 | Higher Density Blog


Tiara Kumara   –   We Are Mutating    –   10-19-15

“God, the entity of awareness itself, is changing its program of experience through us as its thinking atoms. 14 more words

Remember You > Brenda Hoffman

a message from Brenda Hoffman

Monday, 19 October, 2015  (posted 20 October, 2015)

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Dear Ones, 1,062 more words

11.5.14 The Nature of the Ascension Process

I have found that with the Ascension process, I do not really “go” anywhere; but rather, it is my perception of reality that changes from within. 65 more words


Yeshua and Mother Mary ~ “Beautiful Hearts…Create Away!” ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ October 4, 2015

Yeshua and Mother Mary:

Greetings, Beloveds. It is with overwhelming JOY that we welcome you into the Higher Consciousness that you have gained, and are still continuing to assimilate and integrate, with the recent and ongoing magnificent potent energies. 1,258 more words

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