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Crossing the Ascension Demarcation Line

I’ve been extra chatty lately, writing articles one right after another, because we’re in such profound change that I feel it might be helpful to some to hear more from me during this major Shift phase. 1,492 more words

Ascension Process

Aug 2017's Great Eclipse Energies: The New Timeline, The Newer Ascending World(s) & The Destined Points With-in The Current Ascension Process.


Psychic Overload 

Yesterday, we experienced the Aug 21st, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse and all it’s energies play out down here in 3D physicality. I’ve personally been so out of it these last few weeks right up until the lead up to this huge energetic event, that it’s been impossible as a very sensitive being to keep myself together long enough to string a few sentences together. 1,811 more words

5D Higher Consciouness & The Lighter Side Of The Ascension Process

August 2017 Eclipse & Upcoming Equinox & Solstice Ascension Stair-steps

As I’ve shared before, I often perceive coming energetic Ascension and Embodiment Process events as Higher Awareness mind’s eye images with instantaneous knowings and emotional… 2,869 more words

NEW Consciousness NEW Worlds

Timeline Split & August 2017 Eclipse Interview

I’m certain many of you have listened to this great interview by Lauren Galey with Sandra Walter already, but in case you haven’t heard it yet and/or may need to listen/FEEL it again right now on the  39 more words

Ascension Process

Starseed Advice: Waking Up in the 3rd Dimension

Waking up aint easy. We have to relearn who we truly are. Self-healing is the best thing you can do to help humanity! I discuss what I have done to help me on my ascension path.

-Rochelle Bjorklund


The Sun & Solar Activity by Lisa Renee

Another helpful blog article by Lisa Renee about the current energetic changes and different Ascension and Embodiment Processes humanity is currently going through. Thank you Lisa Renee for it. 2,316 more words

Ascension Process, Symptoms & Kundalini


Pushing, pushing, pushing

Trying hard, too hard.

What we resist, persists.

So delicate, like a fragile flower.

Without warning, triggered.

Instantly, the trigger is answered… 36 more words