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Allowing The Vibrational Change - 4-30-16

Allowing The Vibrational Change   –   by Zen Gardner   –   4-30-16

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Many of the symptoms we’re witnessing amongst those around us can be explained in terms of the… 1,124 more words

Georgi Stankov - Another Energy Peak on the Eve of the Mercury Retrograde April 28th


by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 28, 2016

by Boyd Kraigher and Georgi Stankov, April 28, 2016



Dear George,

I can sure confirm another ID leap in the night of 26-27 April Australian time. 22 more words

Sue Dreamwalker - Vision Quest 5 Energy - 4-29-16


Sue Dreamwalker



The Beginning of this Story in all its parts can be found HERE

“Looking through her closed lids a light that started as a spec grew rapidly before her. 95 more words

Don't Take Anything Personally


Don’t take anything personally. The battle they fight is not with you, it’s with and with-in themselves. It’s a wonder we all tend to get our “panties in a bunch” (fellas, you too). 135 more words