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WITHIN THIS NOW - Ascension Guidance - The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie - 8-28-16


WITHIN THIS NOW   –   Ascension Guidance   –   The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie   –   8-28-16



The Arcturians through Sue Lie

Within this NOW you are not fully in the third/fourth dimensional body. 1,527 more words

Soulstice Rising - Kara Schallock - Being Love, Being Peace - 8-28-16

Thanks to   Pauline Battell




I share what Soul guides me to share about every two weeks. I don’t consider this channeling, for my Soul and I are One. 2,582 more words

Sananda Answers Your Top 10 Questions - Day 15, A Show of Unity (Lightworkers)

Kathryn E May, Channeler


Sananda Answers Your Top 10 Questions   –   Day 15, A Show of Unity (Lightworkers)

Hello, Family.
Tonight Sananda will come to the radio show to answer the Top 10 Questions our audience has been asking about what’s going on right now, including the Freedom and Prosperity Programs, and our current role fascilitating the release. 268 more words

First "Thank You Download" - by Suzanne Lie


Hello Dear Readers,

Here is my first “give-away” – Thank You so very much, we have over 2,000,000 visits to the site.

In fact, as of today, there are 2,001,133  visits. 49 more words

Monday, August 29 ~ August 29, 2016

Hi All…I received this beautiful “spiritual poem” from my friend, John, in Ireland. Please read this, fill yourlself with it’s beauty and truth, and…

InJoy! 465 more words