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Convent - Week 3

Ascesis: the practice of self-denial for the sake of the Kingdom

Ascesis: a word like bones that makes me shudder. The asceticism that I get to experience here – the just-barely-enough food and sleep – is manageable. 296 more words

In Heaven is Thy Provision

“If continually you keep your hope
quivering like the willow in longing for Heaven,
spiritual water and fire will continually arrive
and increase your subsistence. 90 more words



The poem is originally published at Muslim Words blog.

What has stopped man from asceticism O Lord!
For whom the universe cries he is that one, 54 more words


Book Review: The Desert Fathers by Various Authors

This is a collection of the sayings of the early christian monks, as published under the Penguin Classics label and translated by Benedicta Ward. As a very early piece of writing, it needs a good translation to be able to convey the message across centuries and languages. 884 more words

Book Reviews

Why people reject what they hear through Spiritual Science?

In all cases where people reject what they hear through Spiritual Science, an instinct of self-preservation is at work; they know that they are incapable of doing the necessary exercises — that is, of practising asceticism in the true sense. 85 more words


#Pausibility: Asceticism vs Epicureanism by Adebayo Coker

Earlier this week, our polymath Prime Minister, who had on many occasions ‘rebased ‘our minds that our  economy is standing gidigba, finally announced that we should expect  some measure of imposition on our ‘normal’ life as a nation. 268 more words


100 Days of What Now?

Scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest lately, I’ve noticed more and more people jumping on the #100DaysOfHappy bandwagon. And I completely applaud them! Snaps for anyone who can commit to being ascetic and serene and yogic for more than three months. 346 more words

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