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An ascetic fleeing from the world does not serve clairvoyance

Spiritual science teaches of the existence of certain highly evolved men, the initiates, and it has been taught in the Mystery Schools of all times how man can bring himself to such a stage of evolution. 212 more words


Talking about asceticism 

Mystics throughout the ages have sworn off, given up and ceased the pleasures of the senses in order to become closer to their diety. In truth the diety and Self are one. 833 more words

Hindu ascetics - Shankaracharya:

These gurus have hundreds of followers. They make them call guru of world. Now, will guru of world be many? Guru of entire world should be one. 278 more words


Pain and suffering/Joy and happiness/Karma (2 - End)

Simple reflection upon the influence of personal enjoyment shows that inherent in it is something that makes us stagger and blots out our true being. No sermon is here being delivered against enjoyment, nor is an invitation extended to practice self-torture, or to pinch ourselves with red hot pliers, or the like. 339 more words


Unworldly and Far from Reality

Although this has often been mentioned, from different perspectives, it may still be noted, that the most unreasonable and unrealistic accusation that one can make against spiritual science and its labour, is  that  it produces people who are somehow unworldly, distant from reality, and tempted by asceticism. 88 more words


How life in a caravan set us free

Courtesy of: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-32974131

Tim Meek and his family decided they had had enough of their “ordinary” life, so they sold their house and went to live in a caravan. 2,144 more words