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The importance of the soft and happy human.

The spirit of the militant persists in the Left. The sad, ascetic militant that will sacrifice their personal safety for the greater good, and engage in clandestinity and risk taking. 878 more words

What is martyrdom? (Part 1)

What is martyrdom, and is the concept relevant concerning the subject of my study, suicide in medieval Scandinavia? The question may not sound meaningful at first, but when trying to define each of the concepts, martyrdom and suicide, it becomes clear that the two concepts sometimes coincide. 1,141 more words

History Of Suicide

Where Does The Identity Of Female Ascetics Lie In Hinduism?

The phenomenon of asceticism in Hinduism is often regarded as the essential feature of the religious doctrine. Contrary to popular belief asceticism and religion are not synonymous with each other. 903 more words

A true prayer has something to give to all of us

A true prayer has something to give to all of us, whatever stage of development we may have reached. The simplest person, who perhaps knows nothing more than the words of the prayer, may still be open to the influence of the prayer on his soul, and it is the prayer which can call forth the power to raise him higher. 277 more words


Human Nature and God's Love

Defending oneself or one’s interests according to capability seems to be a natural human reaction. We also learn that similar struggles are continually going on in the animal world. 402 more words


On "वैराग्य"(Ascetic Indifference/Dispassion/Detachment)

जीने की आरज़ू है अभी, पर जाने का भी ग़म नहीं
पल पल में कट जाये ज़िन्दगी, पर उम्र भी तो कम नहीं।

महफिलें सजती हैं बहुत, जाने का कोई शौक नहीं

Hindi Poetry

Chicoine's Zoophilia

I’m taking a bit of a poetic license here. It’s not like Chicoine likes to screw animals or lets himself be screwed by them. To my knowledge… 638 more words