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Elevator - The Asch Experiments

I once saw a social experiment video where several people were put in a lift and instead of facing forward like we all do, they faced away from the door. 60 more words

In Other News

Ein übler Verdacht in dunkler Nacht - Über die Farbe Asch

Beschleicht dich der Verdacht du bist am Asch, so bist du noch nicht wirklich dort angelangt. Erst wenn sich ‘am’ in ‘im’ verwandelt, bist du soweit vorgedrungen in der Nacht, hast du dich so sehr verrannt im Dunkel, dass du nun anstehst. 110 more words

Aphorismen Sententiae Sprachspiel

Alma Zinkwanne, Asch, Vogeltränke, Bierkühler, shabby Gartendeko, Pflanztopf

Alma Zinkwanne, Asch, Vogeltränke, Bierkühler, shabby Gartendeko, Pflanztopf:

schöne alte Zinkwanne, Blumenwanne, Bottisch, Asch,

perfektes Pflanzgefäß für Garten, Gartenteich und Terasse

Die Wanne befindet sich gutem gebrauchtem Zustand und zeigt nur wenige kleine Altersspuren. 233 more words


A little rant about gaming...

I’ve been wanting to post a rant about this whole gaming industry thing for a while. Especially with the stuff going on online about this. I’m a girl. 1,145 more words


Hiking in Wilhelm Tell Land: Äsch, Uri, Switzerland

Following a tiny map from a newspaper cut out we headed to Äsch in Uri to explore the lands of Wilhelm Tell. It started as an overcast day with enormous flies that bit you if you stood still for more than 5 seconds, but soon the sun came out and the gradient increased and we got a good old fashioned family work out. 458 more words

Europe And Zürich

ACS Remix v2.5!

ACS v2.5 is out now! There are a couple of notable changes. I note one of them, Asch, in this video:

Also, all characters than can cancel artes freely, such as CC characters or characters like Yuri, cannot cancel into the same arte twice in a row. 64 more words

Tales Of

[toa+flight rising+anthro]

for a guy+asch 1 hr draw meme on twitter


my fr dragon

I’d been feeling shitty for some reason and wanted to vent? I don’t remember why at this point which is a good thing… 15 more words