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When Do We Blindly Obey? (Yes, You Too)

–Jacob Manuel

How far will we go to conform when it means disregarding our own beliefs and sensory observation? In the 1950’s, an experimenter by the name of… 557 more words



Conformity happens to people almost everyday.It is how you act to ‘fit in’. The simple definition for conformity is ‘yielding to group pressures’. There are four types of conformity; compliance, internalisation, identification and Ingratiational. 633 more words


Conformity is when people adhere to the attitudes, beliefs, values and the behavior of their in-group having been exposed to them. In other words, conformity is where people change their perspective of normative standards to that of society’s norms. 507 more words


Psychology of behaviour management (part 3)

In the last posts, I briefly examined some of the key ideas and limitations of offering rewards and sanctions, and restorative approaches. Both of these tackle the issue of behaviour at an individual level; in this post I want to examine group-level strategies which utilise our propensity conform to social norms. 2,285 more words

Psychology For Teachers

'Cause everybody's doing it...

In de expert class van Koen Thewissen kwam het onderwerp ‘groepsconformiteit’ naar boven. En dat deed me onmiddellijk denken aan het Asch experiment. Ik was helemaal klaar om hier een blogpost over te schrijven. 53 more words

Expert Classes

Factors affecting conformity

Asch was curious about the levels of conformity he found in his experiment. He wanted to determine which factors were more crucial in influencing conformity rates. 525 more words