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Conformity: Standing up means standing out

If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you jump too? Social psychology research suggests you might. Social conformity is a powerful force. So much so that social psychologists generally endorse the idea that people like to stand out, but only in a good way. 649 more words

Social Psychology

Las relaciones intergrupales

El primer sociólogo que intentó explicar el comportamiento de los individuos en una multitud fue el francés Gustav Le Bon (1896). Le Bon asoció tres rasgos a la multitud: 171 more words

Psicología Social

When Do We Blindly Obey? (Yes, You Too)

–Jacob Manuel

How far will we go to conform when it means disregarding our own beliefs and sensory observation? In the 1950’s, an experimenter by the name of… 564 more words



Conformity happens to people almost everyday.It is how you act to ‘fit in’. The simple definition for conformity is ‘yielding to group pressures’. There are four types of conformity; compliance, internalisation, identification and Ingratiational. 633 more words


Conformity is when people adhere to the attitudes, beliefs, values and the behavior of their in-group having been exposed to them. In other words, conformity is where people change their perspective of normative standards to that of society’s norms. 507 more words