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Factors affecting conformity

Asch was curious about the levels of conformity he found in his experiment. He wanted to determine which factors were more crucial in influencing conformity rates. 525 more words


Why do people conform?

As you read in the previous post Asch found that 37% of his participants consistently conformed to group behaviour. 75% conformed at least once and 25% did not conform at all. 467 more words



NSI and ISI both fit into the term in psychology known as ‘Social Norms’. A social norm is an unspoken rule for behaviour in a particular group or culture. 257 more words

Yielding to majority group pressure: Solomon Asch (1951)

Solomon Asch believed that conformity reflects a rational process whereby we create a norm from other people’s behaviour in order to determine correct and appropriate behaviour for ourselves. 468 more words

Social Influence

Are the subjects of Asch's experiments conformists?

There is a handful of psychology works that have the burdensome honour of informing our view of human behaviour, usually with spectacular results that tend to satisfy some of our preconceptions on how this behaviour should look like. 1,190 more words

Cultural Evolution

Conrad Aiken

Conrad Aiken was another of the writers I became familiar with through my penchant for perusing the Adult Fiction section of my local public library. Not knowing where to begin I literally started from the beginning at A, and while Agee, Aleichem, Amis, Asch, and Austen (among others) interested me it was Aiken who fascinated me. 563 more words


Social Influences on Consumer Behaviour

As a consumer, my behaviour can be dictated by a range of social constructs.  Marketing influences include promotional messages and communication sources, and more social influences such as the endorsers of products and my own reference groups. 492 more words