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I realised I haven’t posted anything here yet with my graphic design work since August of last year. I guess I’ll start with this.

I got the chance to design Asch’s debut album cover art, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. 324 more words


Conformity: How much does Society impact us?

Ever wonder why we’re so afraid to go out of the house without makeup? What about asking that stranger to move his head so that we can get a better view of the big screen? 869 more words


Social Influence: An Essay (Part 1/2)

In this essay, the definition of social influence will be looked at along with the forms of such influence (incidental and deliberate). Focus will be placed on why people conform (e.g. 1,115 more words


Social Influence: Types of Conformity and Explanations for Conformity

With any luck, this should be shorter than the last few.  I mean – it sort of needs to be, because I need to get through everything by next Thursday. 1,349 more words