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Presenting RetroTxt, the ASCII art & NFO browser for Chrome

RetroTxt available on the Chrome Web Store.

Last month I wrote a long post titled ASCII, NFO Art & Text Encodings. That covered the complications and technical difficulties involved in accurately rendering ASCII art and NFO text in modern browsers. 472 more words


Ludum Dare and Steam Greenlight

This last week of April is going to be a busy week, and May will be even busier, so I’d figure it’s best to write this out now. 311 more words


Digit to char

When a single digit in char type needs to be converted to int, following snippet is used

int num = (int) (ch – ‘0’)

Interesting explanation found… 225 more words

ASCII Flowcharts

You can generate this:

From this:

But create it visually, by using this (http://asciiflow.com):

The Java based tool that generates the bitmap image from the ASCII graph is called DITAA (DIagrams Through Ascii Art) ( 78 more words


Puzzle of the Week #7: find the sum of ASCII codes of employee names

Puzzle of the Week #7

For every employee find the sum of ASCII codes of all the characters in their names. Write a single SELECT statement only. 92 more words

Tricks And Workarounds

Electronic Superhighway (1966-2016)

On my ‘to do’ list before I left the UK and returned back to work in Tokyo was to go and check-out the Electronic Superhighway exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery held in London. 785 more words


PowerShell - PowerShell generated batch file results in error þ is not recognized as an internal or external command

Some time ago, a colleague told me he was having trouble generating a batch file using PowerShell. The batch file as generated, but when he tried to run the batch file, it resulted in an error containing: 173 more words