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Moving grid-based data from Excel to ArcGIS via ASCII

In this post, we collected spatial data in grid format in Excel. It looked a little something like this:

In order to move this into a more useful analytical program, like ArcGIS, we need to convert this into ASCII format. 476 more words


Arduino Revives A Classic 1980s Minitel Terminal

Before there was the Internet, there were a lot of would-be Internets. Compuserve comes to mind, as do Prodigy, GEnie, Delphi, and the innumerable BBS systems that were once gateways to worlds beyond our CRT monitors and 300 baud Hayes Supermodems. 161 more words

Classic Hacks

Forgotten Features

The ancient wizards who defined the ASCII standard knew what they were doing. ASCII for those who have not come across it, is the standard means of encoding mainly textual data as a stream of 7- or 8-bit bytes¹ for transmission or storage. 503 more words

Random Thoughts

Dungeonia: A Text-Based Dungeon Crawler in C

Dungeonia is a command-prompt text-based dungeon crawler coded in C that I made while first learning C.  Dungeonia takes the player through a two floored dungeon, complete with random enemy encounters, enemy dialogue, status effects, towns, bosses, and other non-hostile encounters.  319 more words


PHP: byebye

If you think that this blogpost represents my swansong to PHP, know that I’ve been enamored of it since 1999, albeit nowadays a little less heady and more open-minded about competing technologies. 589 more words


MiniProject: ASCIIGraphs [Python]

I told myself I’d be starting small and I meant it – we’re starting with a MiniProject.

So, introducing Equation to Graph.txt (better name pending – “ 1,128 more words

Testing, testing... and decoding

Digital Curation week one and our mission was to break a lot of files and decode some clues; could we do it? Tessa, Matt, Musa and Lucy had a go… 938 more words

Digital Curation