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Random Characters

Because every so often it’s nice to have a list of characters you can just copy/paste from, rather than trying to figure out where else they may be. 12 more words


Keeping up with the Times

Hi, everyone. My chosen handle turned out to be jarusziltau, which I came up with as I was waiting for the alarm clock to turn on this morning. 453 more words


Devuan 2.0 "ASCII" Release R. Pi Install Tale Of Woe

It is now 9:30 PM on Monday. I started down this path sometime Saturday. What ought to have been a “3 hour tour” has taken a bit longer… … 1,451 more words

Tech Bits

"don't-touch-here" पर क्लिक करने पर Whatsapp क्यों हैंग हो जाता है

आपको भी कभी न कभी ये मैसेज जरूर आया होगा जिसमे लिखा है “don’t-touch-here” और आपको कहा गया होगा की इसको छूते ही आपका Whatsapp हैंग हो जायेगा। 25 more words


Stone Story RPG - First Look

I received my Beta key for Stone Story RPG last night. I first caught wind of this project when the creator, standardcombo, posted it over on… 406 more words

PC Gaming

ASCII Code Keyboard Shortcut

Just stumbled across this great keyboard shortcut. If you want to insert a character by it’s ASCII code or just want to instantly check which character is stored under an ASCII code then all you need to do is hold down the ALT key, type the ASCII code on the numeric keypad, let go of the ALT key and the character will appear!  27 more words


Brief look at FigOS and upgrade to ascii

According to the “officially official” devuan forum administrator, FigOS is not a Devuan derivative because it is also based on Refracta and another distribution (puppy).  I run FigOS live, the… 584 more words

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