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Han Shan VA // Salad days

By Dominick Parris //

Han Shan VA

When the news auto plays
reminds how human we are/

how those are just different
beasts/No less the great pale… 179 more words


Merrill Now Provides PDF Transcript Bundles with Your Order

Great News! We’ve upgraded our electronic PDF transcript deliverables to make your job even easier. Effective immediately, we now provide PDF Transcript Bundles with each order. 153 more words


ASCII Art With Pure Data And A Typewriter

is quickly becoming our favorite technological artist. Just a few weeks ago he graced us with a Game Boy Camera gun, complete with the classic Game Boy printer. 136 more words

Arduino Hacks

The Scrappiest Little Prototype

It’s been a while since I’ve noodled around with the ‘physical’ side of computers. Mostly I work on the web, but sometimes it’s not the right tool. 592 more words


pack and unpack in ruby

I still enjoy how complex operations become simple when using ruby:

module Converter
  def self.to_ascii(hex)
    return .pack("H*")

  def self.to_hex(ascii)
    return ascii.unpack('H*')[0]

Java Ascii Maze game - The map

Cool, so we got the basic framework down. Actually, let me rephrase…we got the basic blueprint down.

Now we need to start adding some flesh to the skeleton. 721 more words

General Blog

Java ASCII Maze game

Every now and then I get an urge to code. But I don’t care about the big long lasting-big thinking projects. Just something to keep me busy. 279 more words

General Blog