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Updated download links for my games

I realized the links I was using originally for my games are no longer active (they pointed to the gamejams I entered them in). Since the blog posts and post-mortems usually are the first things people see here, I went ahead and put in the Dropbox links on those. 25 more words

Game Design Progress

Python Program to Find ASCII Value of Character

# python_ascii.py
# Created by Shashank Shukla:
__author__ = ‘Shashank Shukla’

c = raw_input(“Enter a character: “)

print(“The ASCII value of ‘” + c + “‘ is”,ord(c))

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some keys

the following javaprogram reads any keypress without Enter and its output is the key and its asciivalue in brackets. as precaution jcurses has to be properly set up. 101 more words


How to remove columns from a text file


I want to remove the 1st and the 5th columns of a text file of tab separated values. The file is as follows:

1.0   -3    3.4   2     7     9
-100  -30   -1    0     -80   7
70    7     8     0     3     0
71    4.5   2.1   0.6   37    4… 73 more words

Illuminascii roguelike FPS just released for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Illuminascii is a roguelike FPS set in a world mixed with #3D and #ASCII art for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A roguelike featuring randomly generated content and… 168 more words

Linux Game News

They control everything you read

There is one organisation that controls and influences every single piece of text you will ever read on a computer screen. If they were not standing between my computer and all of yours, this text would be very different. 1,112 more words