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MAINFRAME – Special characters in the data (EBCDIC values)

We have scenarios where we get a file from different team/company which will be fed as input to a program. This file might have name fields which might have special characters in between. 237 more words


String to ASCII in C

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int main()
char ch;
scanf("%[^\n]%*c", ch);
int i = 0;
while(i < strlen(ch)){
printf("%c = %d\n", ch[i], ch[i]);

C &amp; CPP Problem Solve

Linux kernel 4.13 on Devuan and on Artix

My test machine is an aging, stock (unmodified), mass produced enterprise grade, machine made by Dell.  Ever since my Manjaro days (Manjaro-OpenRC) when the first beta edition of Linux413 was released, it was the only kernel I have ever had problems with.  447 more words


A Vintage Morse Key Turned into USB Keyboard

Time was when only the cool kids had new-fangled 102-key keyboards with a number pad, arrow keys, and function keys. They were such an improvement over the lame old 86-key layout that nobody would dream of going back. 183 more words

Classic Hacks

Music of the Mind

On leaves the words and syllables advanced; To music of the mind they rose and danced.

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what love is

Only       the              soul                    knows                             what love is.   <3<3 Rumi

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Blackberry applesauce cake. (VEGAN)

Last weekend, Small Boy and I headed out to a small area of marshland around a mile from our  home, on a blackberry picking mission. We had been promising ourselves for some time that we … 7 more words