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Adorably Monochrome - Gameboy - Penguin Wars - 1990

Game Boy
Ascii Entertainment
Genre: Action Game

The release of the Gameboy was a huge step forward in handheld gaming.  Looking back on the games that came out, quite a few of them have much higher praise due to our memories and nostalgia rather than their actual content or presentation.   960 more words

A short ASCII story

(           )

? ? ? ? ?



!  !  !  !  !

Experimental Writing

Jupyter + loading dataset from Vizier

Now, let us read the dataset that we downloaded from Vizier (in our last post), into python:

In this video, we import the file and change the read functions parameters to fit the format of the code. 135 more words


Blog Update! (Serial Experiments Lain and Google Chrome)

I have found this awesome SEL blog! So I decided to create google chrome themes and a cursor from the wallpaper and gallery. Fauux has also designed games also have games! 28 more words

Teori: ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)


Hani masih disini, masih membahas pilihan jawaban dari soal iniSo, cekidot!

Kode ASCII hampir sama dengan CCITT Alfabet/no.5 merupakan kode alphanumerik yang paling populer… 149 more words


Ascii is way more creative than painting

ASCII is a language/code to be used when using a computer that lets you write sentences, commands and all those things that nerds like to do. 334 more words


Retro game review: Super Stupid Space Invaders

This was a game I discovered on dosgames.com.  It’s based on the classic Space Invaders arcade game, except it’s text-based and runs on MS-DOS.  I  downloaded it and started playing it in DOSBox.   268 more words