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ASCII, Unicode, UTF-8, UTF-16, Latin-1 and why they matter

In iOS, you have a string “hello world”.¬†Most of the time you just need to assign it to a textLabel.text, uppercaseString it or stringByAppendingString it to another string. 859 more words

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Brut@l - Review

Come @ Me

Going into games without knowing more than what a game looks like, and the kind of genre it is can be pretty rewarding, especially when you play the game for a few hours to realise that there’s much more depth than you was realising not only in the gameplay, but also in its visual design. 529 more words


Turn rough sketches into crisp digital line art with free web service from Waseda University

The automatic service is already popular online, with Japanese artists eager to share their impressive results. 349 more words


Get Python to print out another language (Korean) - part 2

I was stuck again when I actually tried printing out Korean using Python. I had to to use u’something in Korean’.

See the below example. 20 more words


Get Python to print out another language (Korean) - part 1

I was practicing coding by developing a website and I was not able to get Python to print out Korean. I learned that Python uses ASCII encoding by default, and Korean cannot be read using ASCII. 36 more words