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ASCII or American Standard Code for Information Interchange refers to an encoding system. ASCII does the encoding of characters for electronic communication. it is responsible for the text within computers and other devices. 30 more words

Digital Design

Comparison: ASCII vs Unicode

It’s necessary to have a coding scheme to store text in a computer. For this reason, several schemes have been developed; the two most common coding schemes are ASCII and Unicode. 308 more words

Adding Support for Foreign Characters to Django

This post explains the changes I needed to make to a Python Django 1.8 website in order to add Unicode (special character) support.

The Situation… 1,309 more words

Technical Stuff

What Is encoding and UTF - 8?

First off, apologies for the extended ‘break’ I took from blogging. I have been busy with a job (as well as country) change. Although still in the actuarial field, I have somewhat pivoted to a less-traditional job scope. 1,554 more words


Random Characters

Because every so often it’s nice to have a list of characters you can just copy/paste from, rather than trying to figure out where else they may be. 12 more words


Technique Only Text? vs. Technique using Bins To Represent a Value in Multiple Images

Unicode, ASCII, Shapes, Bins, LOD, Table Calc, Makeover Monday

By: Rosario Gauna @rosariogaunag

For week 24 of the Makeover Monday challenge, Eva presented us with a “Tourism Density Index” graph.   1,648 more words


Técnica ¿Sólo Texto? vs. Técnica uso de Bins Para Representan un Valor en Imágenes Múltiples

Unicode, ASCII, Shapes, Bins, LOD, Table Calc, Makeover Monday

Por: Rosario Gauna @rosariogaunag

Para la semana 24 del reto de Makeover Monday, Eva nos presentó una gráfica de “Índice de Densidad de Turismo”. 1,799 more words