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Holding up the PDA- Mirror

Mummagrizzlybear found this observation a little bitter.

It came into my awareness innocently enough, but the more I thought about it, the more sense I made of it. 1,377 more words


Birthday Celebration

This weekend was Cody’s 12th birthday, and we had a great time celebrating! We had breakfast out, then attended a Nature Day event at the local park, went out for a special lunch, and then attended Seussical the musical at our local Center for the Arts. 210 more words

Daily Life

Autism: The High Functioning Aspect

Special Needs aren’t something that are readily talked about, Or openly communicated. I wanted to take a bit to explain what my daughter has been diagnosed with, And how it affects her. 968 more words


The Ballad of the Bedeviling Bedroom

See that picture up there? That’s my boy (fourth child, third son, 11 years old), trying to go to sleep in his new bed in his new bedroom. 724 more words


"What's His Special Power?"

Believe it or not, parents of autistic children get asked this a lot.

It’s hard to know how to reply, because if a person is genuinely curious, it’s nice to encourage dialogue, but they may be disappointed with the answer of “He takes 17 minutes to put on a shoe” or “She is adept at smearing poo”. 254 more words

Tesco helping people with autism cope

Well done Tesco Burnley. Now how about a slow lane for older customers?

For more information on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) check out NHS info page


Lent 5 with'My Easter Egg Hunt': 5. Rescuer

Lots of the stories we love have rescuers, heroes who come and save the day. When A was little he loved the superheroes, and we had quite a few little figures that he carried around with him and played rescuing with. 196 more words