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Letting Go...Just a Little


I’ve been called a helicopter mom because I hover over my kid. But then again, she is special and different from other kids. 470 more words

Our Experiences

A Me Problem: My First Real Hate Mail, Part 1

It’s been several months since I’ve started this blog and I have just received my first real hate mail.

In fact it’s a comment I received on… 476 more words


Autism, Cures, and the Right to Exist

When I first found out I was on the spectrum I was elated. I had finally found the answer to explain why I was different; why I had so much trouble relating to my peers and understanding how I fit amongst them.  2,316 more words

Autism at Work

I have two jobs that I love very much. Both involve working with young people with learning difficulties and disabilities. I fell into this work accidentally, but I absolutely love it and I am good at it. 896 more words


classroom makeover!

a picture says a thousand words, so I’ll let the picture do the talking.

the empty barren class given to me. I did the classroom planning on paper and then begged my operations manager to rush the impossible for me. 107 more words

Special Education


I got caught up with life and haven’t been able to write anything. On my last blog, I was talking about my little jedi’s start of Occupational Therapy sessions. 607 more words


The Life Autistic: What’s with the Accent?

When it comes to autism, sometimes it takes one to know one. The tells, the signs, the idiosyncrasies — our AutismRadar® is near flawless.

“Hunter, I think you need to talk to this guy,” said June*, one of the managers who reported to me. 420 more words