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My ASD Misdiagnosis!

Last Tuesday my therapist told me she believed I was high functioning ASD. I handled it by staring into space for two days and not blinking. 1,172 more words

A very ASD day

What should I do? Where do I start?  I’m fairly certain I would ask myself these question in moments of desperation and craziness, about 82 times a day. 698 more words

Diagnosis Eve.

As I spoke about in a previous post, I don’t like surprises (or presents – or presence sometimes either to be honest!). I don’t like the uneasy feeling of not knowing, I don’t like not being able to prepare how to act. 403 more words


(This was written a while ago but another blogger posted something with the same title right before, so I’ve waited to post this.)

Somebody asks, “How are you today?” 477 more words

Life With Autism

You Need a Village

Yesterday was a classic Monday.  One little change to our routine made me about five minutes behind, which ended up with our leaving The Boy’s lunch on the counter, and my breakfast behind.  266 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Slow Down Summer Break!

Hey guys! I am shocked that Isaiah goes back to school in 19 days! So much to do until then! Trinity was sick with a cold all week so that freed up a lot of my schedule (due to childcare). 1,409 more words

Social Interactions

I was reading a post of someone that I am subscribed to and she had a very interesting subject, that I thought I may as well blog about. 239 more words