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Autism, restrictive eating, and another way of looking...

This blog is still active!  I just don’t try new foods very often so don’t have much to say.

Something I haven’t mentioned here is that I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at the age of 25.  455 more words

7 Things the Media Gets Wrong on Asperger's

Media coverage of Asperger’s sometimes gets it wrong. Here’s what:

Asperger’s is a “mental illness.” Just no. Asperger’s is a developmental difference that can lead to certain disabilities. 819 more words


A letter to frustration

Dear Frustration

You come at the most inappropriate times when you are not even invited.
Why are you here? You provide nothing but a nuisance. I try and think logically but you grapple my brain and send it into a spin. 327 more words


Autism and Executive Functioning

He’s not just disorganised ok? My plot is lost, and it’s somewhere in the bottom of my ASD kid’s school bag amongst 6 week old homework, lolly sticks, and important letters to sign. 734 more words


ASL- my life saver

Raising a non-verbal child is difficult to say the least. Sure, when you’re with a kid all day you learn to understand their wants and needs through their baby babble but a lot of times I’m just sitting there staring at my son thinking, “I have no idea what the F you just said…” 356 more words


Eyes Averted

After The Boy’s final band concert for the year, I anticipated a meltdown. His TA had asked his friends-who-are-girls to make sure to high-five him before they left, but I knew they wouldn’t. 354 more words

Special Needs Parenting