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The Autism Meltdown at Wet N Wild

I’ve been managing melt downs for years. YEARS. With three different kids. They range in complexity and severity. They can be hours or, very rarely, minutes. 812 more words


Dear Son, Please Don't Leave Me.

It’s wasn’t long ago that you were growing inside of me. Slowly changing, developing until you were ready to come out. To tell you the truth, I was distracted. 1,444 more words


Let's remind ourselves, reblogged from The Other Side: Strengths & Advantages of being an Aspie! – The Other Side

Asperger’s Syndrome is NOT all about dysfunction and disability etc. There are many good points and advantages to being an Aspie. Here’s a refreshingly different perspective from the me… 11 more words


Segregate or Integrate?

In our school systems, there has been a shift from segregation to integration of “special needs” children. Congress passed a law that puts children with special learning needs into classrooms with “normal” behaving peers, whenever possible. 1,530 more words

I Cracked...

I’m sitting in the car in Asda car park, eating a bag of haribo and trying not to cry (but not doing well on that score). 735 more words

Multi vits - Big and Strong

I have previously posted about food and about how it is always a battle to get him to eat anything that is even nearly healthy and varied. 231 more words


Club 299

It sounds like a fancy night club. A place where the rich and famous hobnob, and pulsing beats can be heard and felt for miles around. 309 more words