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Sick momma guilt

So I spent the night in the hospital.

Turns out its stress combined with a heart issue I already have. I got some overdue tests done on my heart and its still ticking so that’s a good thing. 895 more words

How not to surprise an Autie

tl;dr: you can surprise an Autie, but only under fairly low-pressure circumstances, depending on the person; …soap opera??

I unexpectedly saw one of my best friends when visiting another friend… and I don’t mind telling you, that seeing the former was a joyful, nerve-jangling shock of almighty shit-storm proportions. 679 more words

Social Anxiety

There Goes My Heart

I asked him if he still wanted to go on his weekend church retreat or if he changed his mind. My big little twelve-year-old boy responded with, “Of course! 859 more words

Grief And Loss

Why I am Homeschooling My Autistic Son

Recently, during the first school year semester, I pulled my lowest functioning and youngest autistic son out of public school, where he attended an autism intermediate class. 959 more words


One of the Worst Autistic Meltdowns, Yet.

THAT was a rough #autistic meltdown…that lasted well over an hour.

Usually Arlo is so happy to see Carson & Millie when they are walking home from their bus stop every afternoon (have you seen… 608 more words

This Is Arlo’s Autism


I am not spontaneous. I cannot pack a bag and fly off to Europe tomorrow, or up and go to the beach on an hour’s notice. 1,852 more words


Hurray for the Detox

Three months ago, I wrote a post titled, “Take Heart. There Is Also More Than I Can Manage,” in which I described (1) believing that Martin needed a better detox protocol, and (2) feeling certain that we could not manage… 770 more words