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Jekyll and Hyde life

When you find yourself googling ‘how to relieve pain after strangulation’, I guess you could say things got pretty bad last week.

Ironically I’d just had a visit from the SCIP worker and uttered the fateful words ‘touch wood but things have improved’. 1,563 more words



I just want to write a short thank you to all the messages I have received from across the globe supporting the action I took last week. 191 more words

Review: Comfort in the Darkness

Rachel Turner’s book ‘Comfort in the Darkness’ is a series of devotional bible stories of people connecting with God, encountering him, in the night. Each is written as a narrative perfect for reading aloud, short enough for tiny attention spans and tired minds, and long enough to intrigue and invite. 651 more words


Children with autism become adults with autism

There is a deductive argument so straightforward and sound that all intelligent, educated, free-thinking people should be able to grasp it with ease. It’s so patently obvious that I shouldn’t even need to write it down because we all just know it to be true. 549 more words

Asperger's Syndrome

To my future husband,

I have many mental issues (including Asperger syndrome, ADHD, general anxiety disorder leading to panic attacks etc.).

I’m constantly torn between „I‘m the worst person that anyone could have the misfortune to meet“ 422 more words

The House of Autism

I was going to write a sign, print it out, get it laminated and stick it to the front door. It was going to say “Welcome to the House of Autism. 1,033 more words

Day 22: It's just a Hello, people!

Explicit instruction in social situations has been and will continue to be a constant in our lives.

When I initially began to teach Obie to say his name, it was with safety in mind. 410 more words