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Day 208 - 8 miles (971.81 total) #aspergers #runstreak #autism

Carson started attending a camp for Autistic kids for this week.  There are only a few kids in the camp.  Carson is definitely the highest functioning of the group.   415 more words

We escaped

We did get out yesterday.  There was a meltdown first – can’t remember what triggered it now.  It’s always a bit of a blur, no school and therefore I can’t go to work so the days tend to blur into one sometimes!   189 more words


A New Kind of Motherhood

I wrote this article two years ago; but was reading through it today and felt compelled to share it with you all.

This is my journey – enjoy! 1,788 more words


Lose The Glare

Many students with Autism have heightened senses. People often understand that loud classrooms can be difficult, but less people realise that sensory perception difficulties can affect other senses too; one that is often missed is how students can be affected visually. 224 more words

My Playground Politics

My daughter loves playgrounds but I am always reluctant to take her on the weekends because I know they will be busy. Now that I have typed it out, I see how shitty it reads, but it is the truth. 462 more words


Conquering the Cargo Net

It was just a simple cargo net, made of chain, bridging perhaps five feet from the ground to a platform on the playground equipment of one of our local parks. 1,429 more words


Labels Labels Labels!!

Labels Labels Lables.

They surroung and abound.

Everywhere we go we see them.

Brand labels. Price Labels. Animal Labels. Suburb Labels. Racial Labels. Cultural Labels. 513 more words

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