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Leaving His Mark

We spent part of the long Memorial Day weekend with my parents, who live about an hour from us. They also live very close to my brother and his family, including Ryan and Riley’s three cousins on this side of the family. 521 more words


Last Days of School!

So, for now Phoenix “passed” his autism screening because he can and will make eye contact. She’s concerned about his speech (I am not concerned in the slightest about his speech) so he was referred for that because he doesn’t say words yet. 1,086 more words

And breathe.......

Finally, we can now breathe. Alastair has received his official diagnosis and is 100% sitting firmly on the Autistic Spectrum. We have absolute clarity as to why our darling little sausage is a fruit loop. 477 more words


Why is that lady soo nervous? #2

You came back hey? Great!

I’m talking a bit about some of my communication challenges from being on the Autism Spectrum.

To recap, the things I’ll write about this week are: 842 more words


Day 146 - 10 miles (644.82 total) #aspergers #runstreak #autism

Carson is truly obsessed with death now.  He thought about it every moment of the day.  He was emotional.  He cried for Tricia during the day.   462 more words

Heart Appointments- We Have a Date!

Two weeks ago we got a long-awaited phone call from the Children’s Hospital where my son will have his surgery.  I was getting to the point of calling them up myself and asking what the wait was for! 405 more words