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Link between Autism and Genius?

Hollywood has an odd history when it comes to portraying autism spectrum disorder in its movies. Autism is a wide spectrum, with many different behavioral traits exhibited, but Hollywood seemingly only ever portrays the “autistic savant.” With movies such as Rain Man, Adam, Mercury Rising, etc. 330 more words


The Uncomfortably Familiar Surrounding of the Hospital Ward No Longer Sits Well With Me.

The moment you arrived in this world, those nine weeks prematurely, was the moment I knew our journey was going to be jaggered.

Your Brother had done very little to prepare us for a poorly child, he’d not once been ill in the 9 months prior to your birth. 1,021 more words



For so long, I worried about my kiddo and what was going on with her.

Truth of the matter is, I still do and prob always will. 204 more words


"Autism Rehabilitation" in China

A couple of weeks ago I went to Beijing to provide a keynote lecture at an autism congress. I had made previous commitments for the time frame of the congress but a friend heavily insisted and asked my attendance as a personal favor. 820 more words

Manuel Casanova

Not even a week at home ... HELP

I love my boy don’t get me wrong. He is a joy to my world like no other, his funny and caring and above all else is full of amazing conversation BUT wow he can talk and has ALOT of energy to burn. 1,171 more words

Change Anxiety + New Sibling = Disaster?

The idea of introducing a new element to a child with ASD can be daunting, and I must admit that my imagination created several terrible scenarios over the last months before our second son Isaiah was born. 920 more words


Empathy with illness.

Feverish and nauseous? A clumsy idiot.

We backtrack and ask firstborn to apologise; to desist; to understand that this really isn’t the right time to swipe at a sibling. 395 more words