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Autism conference (APAC) 2012[1]

Autism conference (APAC) 2012[1]

  1. The Social Express app: 1) animation 2) 2 skill levels 3) tips – look at faces, people use eyes to show what you are thinking about; social skills; emotions/ how someone feels…
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Canberra Psychologist

Not all with autism are meant to be primary caregivers

As I have mentioned in posts over the last 2 years, my mom passed away 2.5 years ago. Caring for her in her final months was difficult, but doing it as an autistic person 5 days in a row the first couple weeks was impossible. 986 more words


A is for..... Autism

A is for Autism

A is for Awesome

A is for Awareness

A is for all of those things that make my lad who he is. 95 more words


Getting There on Your Own Time

Childhood is not a competition. As parents we shouldn’t compare our children with other kids their age; of course that’s easier said than done. It’s very difficult to not compare kids when you notice all the other kids are doing something that your child isn’t. 357 more words

October Picture Challenge, Day 27

Today’s picture that makes me smile is

He had to be a donkey in his school play, he hated it, I had to take him out of school to ensure that he didn’t have to do it, but he still looked cute in his costume


Holidaying in Norfolk

There’s been a piece in the news this week (BBC News) about how ‘super-parenting improves children’s autism’ and this is cheering news for those of us who have been working with our kids in an RDI-manner for a while ( 753 more words

Ellen's Days

I was just...special.

As a child, and well into my 20s, I’d become ‘overexcited’, spinning in circles on the hardwood living room floor in front of my parents, flapping my hands with excitement, dancing in circles, sliding side-to-side. 353 more words