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Autism Awareness: Sensory Issues with Touch

April is Autism Awareness Month – so thought I would sprinkle a few slices of life throughout the month to give a little lens into a family with a child on the autism spectrum. 247 more words


World Autism Day 2015

On the eve of World Autism Day, I would like to say how Autism is such a wonderful gift to my family…..well, no I wouldn’t actually! 467 more words

Thoughts And Happenings.

Autism Awareness Day

What exactly is autism? It’s a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a child’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Today, it is commonly called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) because there are different kinds of autism that come with different challenges. 278 more words


Day 91 - 2 miles (356.20 total) #aspergers #runstreak #earthathon

Today gave us time to reflect on the past few weeks, and especially the past few days.  A few things jump out at us.  First, Carson started a new medication about a month ago.  654 more words

Giveaway Time: It's #Autism Awareness Month!


It’s April, and besides a butt load of rain, it means it’s autism awareness month. That used to fill me a combination of pride and dread, pride because I love my daughter, but dread because selling a blue light bulb at a hardware store isn’t going to change her life. 128 more words

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Zen and the Art of Coming Out

The irony that my son was diagnosed just before World Autism Awareness Week was not lost on me. For over three years we have felt that our little Fruit Loop was different to other kids (not always in a good way), yet our light gets turned on at the same time as the rest of the world is being illuminated by ASD. 593 more words