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Pop Quiz

Oliver’s new favorite pastime is being quizzed on sign language. Here are the signs he has down, as of today:

Eat – Drink – Cracker – Water – Cereal – Milk – Banana – Juice – Finished – Mom – Diaper – Potty – More – Bird – Fish – Cat – Dog – Horse – Where – Baby – Time – Wash Hands – Nice – Apple – Car… 28 more words


A Word on Bullying

It’s been a while, I know! Unfortunately a Master’s course workload has prevented me from finding time for the blog thus far. However, on seeing something appear on my Facebook news section yesterday, I felt I couldn’t let it pass without a post. 679 more words


Day 331 - 2.6 miles (1664.14 total) #aspergers #autism #rwrunstreak

Carson makes us all better people.  He brings out the worst in me at times.  That’s my problem, not his.  But, he makes us better people for having him in our loves.   354 more words

Autism, chemical sensitivity and Environmental Medicine

(This article first appeared in Sensitivity Matters September 2015)

A new study has found that mothers with chemical intolerances were three times more likely than other women to have a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and 2.3 times more likely attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 797 more words


Environment Factors, Genes, & Autism ~ Link to External Article

Every few months I do a search for any new information or studies to do with Autism and Genetics and Environmental Factors as there is just so much new stuff being discovered on a fairly regular basis now. 30 more words


Book on Autism wins the Samuel Johnson Prize

My latest article for the Yellin Center is out. This time I explore NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman which received the Samuel Johnson Prize. Below you will find a copy of my article. 446 more words


Developmental overtaking.

So we’ve been housebound most of this week as poor Teddy has had hand foot and mouth. 844 more words