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Affirmation, Gratitude and Sleep

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert my name here to remind myself to smile today) am going to increase my well being by smiling today. Every time I smile I put a tiny groove into my face that will one day become a wrinkle so the more times I smile the more chances I have of having happy wrinkles. 435 more words


What Doctors & Other Experts Are Saying About ASEA

ASEA Reviews: What Experts are saying

“I believe ASEA is worthy of a Nobel Prize in medicine. ASEA is the most powerful lifestyle supplement / integrative medicine on the planet.” ~ 473 more words


Wanted, Dead or Alive...

The second chapter of the ASea narrative, titled Accounting of the Cost, has now been posted on the Wiki.

Details from the post seem to suggest that Egyptians may wish to once again search the coast line for the body of the missing woman, Melanie LaFitte, who is… 142 more words


Crate Loot Washed Back Out to Sea

As of midnight London time, 7 PM New York Time, 4 PM LA time, all collected crate items have been removed from player inventories. In the bizarrely named event channel… 107 more words


Wide-Spread Scavenging as Crates Wash Ashore

A vast number of cargo containers have washed ashore up and down the Nile. Titled “Strange Crates” these vessels hold a variety of exotic goods, noneĀ of which have been seen before in Egypt. 419 more words


Woman Overboard! Clues Uncovered for New Story Line

Two days ago, a strange message appeared in System:

Those country folk who lived at the Northerner part of Egypt had become aware of the cloud patterns that foretold a storm brewing off their coast.

224 more words

Announcement: ASEA Skincare

Recently ASEA launched the first ever Redox Signaling skincare system, RENU Advanced.

RENU Advanced is a line of skincare products using redox signaling to repair molecules in the skin and significantly improve aging or damaged skin. 115 more words