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Not Network Marketing

Hey all!

I have been thinking. Last week we were visiting friends, and they asked me what I was doing nowadays. What was this ASEA-stuff that I had on my t-shirt and baseball cap? 388 more words


ASEA Study Shows Signaling Pathways in Genes After Consuming Redox Supplement

ASEA announces results of double-blind placebo based study on its Redox cell signaling supplement.

This initial study shows ASEA Redox signaling supplement to signal human genes, which have “shut off” due to stress, toxins, age, etc., and turn them back on. 505 more words


Life in Vietnam


I was born in the countryside of Vietnam. So I lived there all my life until I was 18 years old. After graduating from high school, I moved to Ho Chi Minh city to continue studying in a university. 426 more words


Can Animals Benefit from ASEA?

Yes, animals thrive on ASEA just as humans do. The benefits are pretty much the same as for humans. And sometimes animals are even drawn to the product’s taste and smell. 155 more words


Giving ASEA to Horses

There was an interesting ASEA Animal Call where a number of people called in and discussed how and when they administered ASEA to their horses. 271 more words


Interested In An International Business?

Global Business Opportunity Appealing During A Troubled Economy

This post was originally written in October of 2010, and unfortunately our economy is still “troubled”.

The concept of Global Business Opportunity with a minimal investment was and still is appealing.  285 more words


Asea With You

Stars twinkling, in tune and time
Dancing asea, with my beloved
Sea’s symphony, crescendoing
Lost in a world with my beloved
Midnight melodies seal our union… 18 more words