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Isis, Lady of the Holy Cobra

We are repelled by them. We are fascinated by them.

Beautiful. Elegantly simple. One long muscle sheathed in glossy scales, some like brilliantly colored living jewels, some darkly and dangerously camouflaged. 1,050 more words

Goddess Isis

Praying with a dying relative of a different faith

Once more, I draw my inspiration from Free Inquiry, the magazine for atheists (even though I’m not an atheist). The June/July 2016 issue features two answers to the question “Would You Pray with a Dying Believer?” One atheist writer would; the other would not. 444 more words


Out of Time

I’ve been in a pretty dark place the last six months or so. There’s been a lot of acceptance and a lot of shadow work. Anubis and Isis have done extensive energy work on me trying to heal some old energetic and emotional wounds I’d been carrying so long I didn’t even know I had them anymore and the rest of the Neteru stepped back to give me time for that, time to rest, time to start acclimatizing to my new role and responsibilities with the Free Court. 722 more words


Apartment untuk dijual di Puncak Alam - UiTM

Kawasan apartmen terletak di kawasan tumpuan pelajar-pelajar UiTM Puncak Alam untuk menyewa. Apartment ini terletak kira-kira 5km dari pintu besar UiTM kampus Puncak Alam dan pelbagai kemudahan-kemudahan lain. 298 more words

Revitalisasi Aset Gerakan Pramuka Dalam Mengantisipasi Program Pemerintahan Baru

Oleh : H. Muhammad Syafrudin, ST, MM*

DALAM Anggaran Dasar Gerakan Pramuka hasil Musyawarah Nasional Luar Biasa Kwartir Nasional Tahun 2012 disebutkan bahwa Gerakan Pramuka bertujuan untuk membentuk setiap pramuka agar: a). 1,041 more words

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A Little Love For The Goddess Isis

Just listed today! Two lovely necklaces in honor of Isis (also Aset, Auset, Iset), Goddess of queenship, motherhood, magick, and mysteries, wife of Osiris (Ausar, Wesir) and mother of Horus the Younger (Heru-sa-Aset). 53 more words


Mana lebih baik : tabung dinar atau tabungan emas?

Pertanyaan diatas datang dari teman kerja, yang baru saja membaca iklan Program Tabung Emas Pegadaian dan bulan lalu diskusi dengan saya tentang Tabung dinar di www.m-dinar.com… 241 more words