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KWSP fokus perkukuh aset

KUALA LUMPUR: Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (KWSP) akan memberikan perhatian mengukuhkan aset pada tahun ini, khususnya melalui pelaburan di dalam sektor infrastruktur dan hartanah serta ekuiti swasta. 147 more words


Orang Kaya Masih Beli Asuransi

Mungkin saja judul artikel diatas akan membuat Anda bertanya-tanya, untuk apa jika sudah kaya dan punya banyak uang masih saja beli asuransi? Padahal orang kaya pastinya punya cukup dana untuk menanggung sendiri. 214 more words


#domagick: The Crook and the Flail

So, I’ve been thinking about what to do for this particular challenge, and reading back over one of the last scenes I wrote for my NaNo last year involved Isis calling my protag to the temple to help them begin to heal from all the shit they’d been through. 198 more words

Spiritual Musings

Altar For Isis (Aset)

More altar switch-ups! (As that seems to be a theme for me right now.)

Isis has been important to me and watching over me for a long time now. 206 more words


Four New Bracelets

Just listed this evening! Four new gemstone bracelets in the shop:

Celtic Triangle:

A gold triquetra cut-out charm with garnet, ruby-in-zoisite, and green aventurine strung on professional quality stretch cord. 107 more words


Revelation Report: Eminem and Nepthys (January 2, 2017)

This early AM Nepthys aka Aset aka Ishtar was car jacked for information by the former rapper, turned full-time satanist, Marshall Mathers III. Being bereft of originality and goodness as the aforementioned demon is, it’s a wonder she continues in her plight to reckon the Earth with demonic she-devils who worship her as that which she is not, GOD. 253 more words

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