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Four New Bracelets

Just listed this evening! Four new gemstone bracelets in the shop:

Celtic Triangle:

A gold triquetra cut-out charm with garnet, ruby-in-zoisite, and green aventurine strung on professional quality stretch cord. 107 more words


Revelation Report: Eminem and Nepthys (January 2, 2017)

This early AM Nepthys aka Aset aka Ishtar was car jacked for information by the former rapper, turned full-time satanist, Marshall Mathers III. Being bereft of originality and goodness as the aforementioned demon is, it’s a wonder she continues in her plight to reckon the Earth with demonic she-devils who worship her as that which she is not, GOD. 253 more words

My Literary Writing

Aset, "The Throne"

I’m more than happy to talk about this Goddess. I may even make more posts about Her.

Acknowledge that I’m writing from what I’ve searched under the internet, and had written in my studies book. 737 more words


Egyptian Deities

A list of the Egyptian Deities (A-Z), and the links on to my researches to each one of Them. In it I will include the Gods (Names of Netjer) and the helpers or other spirits (Netjeri), such as Ammit, Four Sons of Heru, and so… 549 more words


What will come?


So.. To inform you of my personal life: I know Aset is present in my life. I’m trying to praying to Her every night and I’m offering water till it evaporates. 54 more words


Peran Kementerian Keuangan dalam Pengelolaan Barang Sitaan dan Barang Rampasan Negara

Presiden selaku Kepala Pemerintahan memegang kekuasaan pengelolaan keuangan negara sebagai bagian dari kekuasaan pemerintahan. Kekuasaan tersebut meliputi kewenangan yang bersifat umum dan kewenangan yang bersifat khusus. 1,025 more words

Aset Negara

This Book Changed My Life

While I was back in my college city last week, I returned to the campus library to visit some of my favorite books—including this one: 467 more words