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Aset Makhamaeva, an inspirational figure.

 We were gathered around in the living room. It was just 5 minutes after Aset posted her video link on Instagram. I had immediately gone downstairs to open it on the computer.The video is only five minutes in and it already gets tense.  1,024 more words

The Oncoming Storm

(Yes, this is a Wild Hunt post. And yes, I stole my title shamelessly from Doctor Who. :D )

So, there’s been a lot of chatter around recently about the Hunt this year—and it’s been a little spooky still to me how other people states away were feeling some of the exact same things I’ve been noticing: it’s coming early this year and it’s going to be of particular significance and intensity. 441 more words


Gods of the Masquerade Ball

I’ve mentioned already that the last week or so was a difficult one for me; I ended up getting several significant revelations about things that I’m having to work through and process. 1,344 more words



I’m very frustrated right now. My health is back and forth rather constantly the last month. I’m not even sure what it could be anymore, although currently MS fits the bill best. 819 more words

Daily Life

All the goddesses are one goddess-no, wait, hear me out!

The twelfth of this month was observed in Rome as the Lychnapsia, a feast of lights or lanterns for Isis. I added it to my sacred calendar, dug out my little statue of Isis, in the Egyptian style, seated on a throne and holding her breast, and draped over it a small bracelet I bought in a museum gift shop, wooden beads and a blue scarab, sized for a child’s wrist. 1,092 more words

In Theory

Days Upon the Year - Hymn to Aset (belated)

I do not often come to you, Lady of the West.
I have no asks or offers; I need no guide through
Your spheres of influence. 63 more words