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I’m very frustrated right now. My health is back and forth rather constantly the last month. I’m not even sure what it could be anymore, although currently MS fits the bill best. 819 more words

Daily Life

All the goddesses are one goddess-no, wait, hear me out!

The twelfth of this month was observed in Rome as the Lychnapsia, a feast of lights or lanterns for Isis. I added it to my sacred calendar, dug out my little statue of Isis, in the Egyptian style, seated on a throne and holding her breast, and draped over it a small bracelet I bought in a museum gift shop, wooden beads and a blue scarab, sized for a child’s wrist. 1,092 more words

In Theory

Days Upon the Year - Hymn to Aset (belated)

I do not often come to you, Lady of the West.
I have no asks or offers; I need no guide through
Your spheres of influence. 63 more words


Aset's Birth Festival

Aset’s Birthday

Today is the Birth of Aset Festival on the Kemetic Orthodox Festival Calendar.  Aset is the Mistress of Magic, the Queen of Heaven, the Mother of God and the Fiercely Bright One. 45 more words

Happy Birthday, Aset!

Today is the fourth Epagomenal Day, the birthday of Aset (Isis)! Queen, loving wife of Ausar (Osiris), mother of Heru-sa-aset (Horus the Younger), the Throne, Great of Magic, and adoptive mother to my beloved Anubis. 358 more words

Feasts & Festivals

Buy...All the Egyptian Things?

I went into my local spiritual/metaphysical store this afternoon and was attacked by most of the ancient Egyptian shelf. I’ve been looking at these for months but never bought any of them. 270 more words


3 Jenis Aset Yang Anak Muda Selalu Pandang Ringan

Dipetik dari perkongsian Dr Azizul Azli Ahmad, ada 3 jenis aset yang patut kita ambil tahu.

1. Aset Tunai
Segala bentuk tabungan, simpanan ASB dan Tabung Haji, simpanan dalam bank dan dalam almari ikan. 71 more words