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It was better to put less on my plate

It’s tempting to get everything you want on your plate, and for bloggers, it’s tempting to try and write everything that we want to in one post, but that can lead to a lot of waste, and regret. 470 more words


One more thing: Preliminary findings of the 2014 AVEN survey are up!

I should’ve waited a bit before making my last post, because there was one more thing I was involved with during AAW, and that was helping out with writing the… 20 more words


How did Asexual Awareness Week 2014 go for you?

So, it’s coming to a close, or already did, depending on your timezone! Did you do anything to celebrate it?

I tried to. I spent some time looking through the #asexual-awareness-week tag on tumblr, and found so much great stuff, but I didn’t have the time to re-blog much. 77 more words


Ace Pride Halloween

This whole talk of “No sex” can make some people (the silly ones) think that Aces are boring, stiff, unexciting people. So this Halloween (or next), why don’t you show them just how rocking Aces and Aros can be. 431 more words

The Truth about Demisexuality

As it’s Asexual Awareness Week, I feel compelled to post something about the asexual spectrum.  I was planning to do this earlier in the week, but alas, I had a lot on my plate.  645 more words

Halloween is on a Friday, and its still asexual awareness week

Ah halloween! Tomorrow folks tomorrow!! What are you gonna be this halloween? Nothing? Oh, that’s fine…you’re boring, not really, I still love you.

So I don’t know what I shall be, maybe I’ll just paint my face and go to a haunted house with slme friends yeah, you can tell me to stop I know you don’t care. 83 more words

Asexual Awareness Week

Today, I’ll deviate from books to talk to you about something close to my heart: asexuality.

If you know what it is, feel free to skip to the dinosaur (this will make sense as you scroll down). 865 more words