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Asexual Awareness Week

Today actually marks the end of Asexual Awareness Week for 2016. Things have been so busy for me this week that I didn’t really have the time to participate in online activities like I normally do. 793 more words


Too ace for this

“I’ve just discovered that Asexual Awareness Week is a thing that happens in October. Therefore, I demand to be continuously celebrated for the next seven days!” I say as the week draws to a close. 808 more words


Asexual Awareness Week: Growing up an Ace in Indonesia

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Ami about asexuality, and she talked about how views of sexuality (and asexuality) differ between Western culture and her own in Indonesia. 1,365 more words

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Asexual Awareness Week: Spotlight: Readers' Favourite Books with Ace Characters

Welcome to the last post for this year’s Asexual Awareness Week, and thank you for sticking with us here on the blog. We hope you’ll keep visiting us even once the week is over :) 2,763 more words

Orientation: Asexual (+ace-spec)

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Tidak terasa sudah hari terakhir di perayaan #AsexualAwarenessWeek tahun ini. Biasanya sih #AceWeek akan ditutup dengan #AceSelfie :)

Jadi inilah dia penampakan orang di balik fp ini yang akan muncul dua kali dalam setahun, sekarang dan di akhir November nanti untuk acara #AceDay. 86 more words


Reading romance as an asexual & aromantic person

Fantasy was my first love and to this day it still is the main one. I read mostly fantasy and I write only fantasy (though that might change in the future). 1,774 more words


Asexual Awareness Week: Spotlight: Books with Ace Characters on our to-read list

After we did the post with our favourite books, we thought we’d do one with upcoming books with ace characters, but those were hard to find, so we changed the idea into writing down the books with ace characters that are in our TBR lists. 2,393 more words

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