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'Hencetaking tides we haply return': a stone labyrinth on Mudeford Sandspit

Years ago I made a circular labyrinth, composed of seven circuits of pebbles, on the beach at Mudeford Sandspit, near Hengistbury Head. It took a few hours to gather the large pebbles and arrange them according to the classical design, but I enjoyed the process and the short-lived result. 215 more words

Chanctonbury Ring, a chalk spiral and 'the basic motion of matter'

According to Asger Jorn, ‘the basic motion of matter has the character of the spiral’.*

I don’t know who’s responsible for this spiral arrangement of chalk at Chanctonbury Ring, on the South Downs of West Sussex. 134 more words

• In the center of a typically unintentional Cobra scandal: Christian Dotremont

Christian Dotremont

Tervuren 1922 – 1979 Buizingen

Writer – poet – artist

‘Dotremont was a man of letters, a writer. He had a tremendous sense of humour and was incredibly inventive. 1,851 more words

In English

Modern aRt quote

“The secret of art consists in the simple fact that it is more blessed to give than to take, but also that this blessedness is dependent upon voluntary giving, so that what is given is felt as a surplus, a wealth, not a duty.” Asger Jorn, ‘Value and Economy’ (1959)

Asger Jorn

On knowing when you're finished

I’m not going to pretend that I had any idea what this painting was at first.

Asger Jorn, the Danish painter who co-founded the avant-garde art style… 237 more words

Memoires by Debord & Jorn [1959] - with a unique cover

Debord, Guy and Jorn, Asger. Mémoires: Structures Portantes d’Asger Jorn. Copenhagen: Internationale Situationniste, 1959. n.p. ; ill.; 28 x 21 cm. White card wrappers with Viks no.2 sandpaper cover. 347 more words