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A Lying Rhythm

He’s gone.

I woke up alone, just the idea of him on the bed, a crime scene outline of a body drawn on the mattress in wrinkled cotton. 1,062 more words

Span 527 - El situacionismo

¿Qué es el situacionismo?

El situacionismo es un movimiento vanguardista europeo que surge alrededor de 1957. Este movimiento no solo pretendía crear una estética, sino el fomentar “la fusión entre arte y vida” ( 430 more words


AntiUniversity of London


Jorn and Trocchi ‘United’: An UnWorkshop in Practical Triolectics

A proposal for the revived AntiUniversity of London, November 2015 CE

On Saturday 21st November, at 3pm, affiliates of Strategic Optimism Football and the Luther Blissett Deptford League will present a workshop in practical triolectics, conducted via the medium of three-sided football, as part of the revived AntiUniversity programme. 6,499 more words

Asger Jorn books

“A number of exhibitions and publications marked the centenary of Denmark’s most celebrated artist, Asger Jorn (1914-1973). Jorn was a complex artist whose output exists in at least ten different media; that is even before one considers his political, philosophical, architectural and ethnographic activities. 156 more words

Book Review

Asger Jorn, drawing on two pieces of paper

This drawing by Asger Jorn is actually two drawings cut and spliced together. It is unfeasible without seeing the object to determine the exact arrangement of materials. 339 more words


Reclaim the Temple of the Sun!

Sunset game of three-sided football at Hilly Fields Stone Circle in Brockley:

– Celebrate the Summer Solstice!

– Mark the tridecadal anniversary of the repression of the Stone Henge Free festival! 282 more words

Providential divining from Sholing Common to Glastonbury: two chalybeate springs

Chance furnishes me with what I need. I’m like a man who stumbles: my foot strikes something, I look down, and it’s exactly what I’m in need of. 585 more words