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Ash Borer - The Irrepassable Gate

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“Listeners wanting a lengthy experience to consume – perhaps after ingesting Soma through a water pipe and nodding off to reruns of Legends of the Hidden Temple – will appreciate… 580 more words


In the Flesh: Ash Borer, Volahn, and Shataan (January 23, 2017)

The Black Twilight Circle is a name that many familiar with underground black metal hold in high regard, and for good reason. Both the sheer amount of releases and the quality of these releases from the insular Los Angeles based acts brings acclaim from around the world, and to be able to live close enough to catch these various acts often is one of the best things about living in Southern California for me. 589 more words


Photo Gallery / Gig Review: ASH BORER w/ Finite, Harrow, and The Nausea at The Media Club, 20 January 2017

Our coverage of black metal in 2017 begins at a time that will undoubtedly be remembered as a dark, dark day for our neighbours to the south – the inauguration of the new American president – and what better way to commemorate it than with the bleak shrieks and desolate wails of black metal in midwinter? 142 more words


Album Review: Ash Borer -"The Irrepassable Gate"

Here it is! Extremist Views’ inaugural album review! I couldn’t thinkof any particular album to go with that would fit such a horrifically delightful occasion, so I just thought I’d write about the last thing I listened to front to back. 688 more words


Initial Descent: November 27 - December 3, 2016

We’ve officially breached December which means Christmas is right around the corner and I assume you’ve gotten your Abbath snow globe? WHAT…no? Do it. A new month and another week of great metal here on… 454 more words

Daily Heresy

Album Review: Ash Borer - "The Irrepassable Gate"

You’d think being a musician would count for something when it comes to reviewing an album. Listening to a piece of music while simultaneously deciphering the method of its execution would surely provide some deeper insight into the multitude of layers enveloping the latest blackgaze project, or the frenetic syncopations of the current tech death band hitting the scene. 624 more words