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Melty Ash

It has been feeling ridiculously warm recently (maybe because it’s Summer or something, who can say?) and all I can think of is melting. So, here we go. 64 more words


Jigglypuff Tee

Here’s my latest work on the Tie Dye Pokemon Tee’s – Jigglypuff on Pink crackle. It reminds me so much of Raspberry/Vanilla ice cream!

Kimbles xXx

DIY Clothing

Episode 80: Digging Your Own Cave

The newest episode of Cosmic Quest is here!

Braydon has spotted Team Planetary, and knows they’re up to no good, so he enlists the help of Ash, Brock, and Brenda to stop them. 71 more words

Ash Ketchum

Happy Mother’s Day 2017!

I’d like to take a moment to recognize all the amazing moms in the Pokémon world – especially Ash‘s mother, Delia Ketchum, for being caring and trusting toward her son over the past 20 years. 37 more words