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Student Experience - Kevin

Over the course of the Historic England Project, we have been able to offer placements to some of the undergraduates in the Department of Archaeology at Liverpool University. 492 more words

Clay Pipe

Super Clean Tokyo and the 1964 Campaign to "Banish Cigarette Butts From All the Streets in the World"

When I first moved to Japan, the first pleasant surprise was the everyday practice of taking my shoes off before entering a home. After doing that for a while, it nearly disgusted me when I came back to New York where everywhere was parading around the house in the shoes that stepped in all kinds of you-know-what outside. 552 more words

Tokyo 1964

Civil War Memorial

Okay, it has been a while now this Civil War was released and I watched this latest addition to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe for those who don’t know) and I have had time to decompress and analyse the film in the grey matter that makes the rest of me move around and stuff. 1,679 more words

Smoke Breakers