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Music is a Gift

The Meaning of Music

Music. It’s literally everywhere. It’s that barely audible noise you hear coming from the girl with headphones in, it’s that relaxing elevator tune you got stuck in your head, it’s even the melodic sound you listen for while walking alongside the beach shore. 778 more words



Last week I visited my friend Etna in her home in Sicily. She was pretty chill the first half of the week, but from Wednesday she got really gassy and started throwing things… 53 more words

15 signs you're getting old

My mam once told me that she wakes up and she’s 18. Then she tries to get out of bed and she’s 80. I know what she means – some days I wake up and I still feel I should be heading off to sixth form. 339 more words

Soundtrack to My Life

I am very well aware that my previous post did not really give you the in-depth look into my life or who i am as a person. 431 more words