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He was a fire of fun
Burning her life away
To the ashes of redemption

Granting her
A life more lived


The Tower: Rewriting Grenfell. ASH response to Andrew O’Hagan

Most of us by now are familiar with how our national press and media worked to shape public opinion immediately after both the police assault on picket lines at Orgreave Colliery in 1984 that resulted in niney-five charges of riot being made against striking miners, and the death of ninety-six football supporters in the Hillsborough Stadium in 1989 that resulted in fans being accused of drunkenness and hooliganism, with neither injustice having subsequently led to a single policeman or politician being convicted of a crime. 18,566 more words

Counter Propaganda

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Architects For Social Housing rightly taking Andrew O'Hagan to task for his piece in the London Review of Books about the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire...

What if all the souls on the universe gathered into one single star and that star was lost in time. How would we find one another? 260 more words

Hawaiian Newcomer Ash Debuts Earthy Soul Single “Lover Friend”

Hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, Ash is a 22-year-old artist who channels her connection to the physical world in her songs. Her latest single “Lover Friend” exudes a blend of mystic and earthy energy where the slow-burning melody takes you to a meditative state. 196 more words


Bassist Eiji has joined L-THE WORLD (+NEW LOOK)

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Not by Accident

These comments were shared on June 1st during the 133rd Graduation of the Class of 2017-2018 at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans, LA. 327 more words

Academy Of The Sacred Heart