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Earworm 24 Apr 15: 'Carnal Love' by Ash

I already mentioned I have been listening to Ash’s A-Z series, so it’s not much of a coincidence that is another song from it that wormed its way into my brain today. 139 more words


What the hell was I expecting anyway?

Willow misheard. Ash and Cameron were talking about his ex-girlfriend. Not the person he fancied.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read… 443 more words

Wait Chain analysis using Tanel’s awesome ash_wait_chains script

Our database performance engineering team was trying to troubleshoot high wait time on enq:SQ – contention and was working with Oracle support. Snippet from Active Sessions and AWR report is shown below: 1,934 more words


These photos show what it looks like when a volcano erupts over your town

Two days after the Calbuco volcano erupted in southern Chile, ash still blankets the streets and homes of a nearby town.

Residents in the area were captured by photographers shovelling ash off roofs and from underneath cars. 354 more words


Chilean village a ghost town after Calbuco's twin eruptions

ENSENADA, Chile (AP) — A handful of people who ignored an evacuation order shoveled ash off roofs, but otherwise Ensenada appeared a ghost town after almost all of its 1,500 residents fled to safer ground following twin blasts from the Calbuco volcano. 432 more words