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Collateral lineage

I have begun to set up information about how my many collateral lines tie into my tree. I have added a new page Collateral Lineage… 90 more words

Claiming Cousins

One of them old-fashioned chairs...

I spent a week learning to make chairs with a pole lathe this summer. Six lovely days in the woods of Westonbirt arboretum. What could be better? 26 more words

The Northwest seems to be on fire

For weeks now, we haven’t seen much blue sky, but a smokey haze from horizon to horizon from the forest fires in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  641 more words

Day To Day Life

Story Idea: Evil Ernie vs Army of Darkness

This is an idea I’ve had for a while for a comic-book crossover that NEEDS to happen sometime in the near future. These two properties were made for each other, both feature witty protagonists in the supernatural battle between good and evil (albeit on opposing sides), both are published by Dynamite comics, and both have previously (on separate occasions) with Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash (my absolute favorite comic series!). 358 more words


중국은 Ash 수입을 재개

중국 품질 관리국 (China’s Quality Supervision) 의 검사 및 검역 발표문 No.143에 따르면 가지 마름병 (die-back disease ; Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus) 과 관련있는 Ash 수종의 수입의 경우 고온 처리가된 목재는 2015년부터 수입이 다시 가능하다고 발표 하였습니다. Ash 생산품은 수출국에서 발부된 식물 검역서와 자세한 처리 공정을 제시해야만 합니다. 가지 마름병이 발견되지 않은 지역에서의 Ash 제재목도 반드시 식물 검역서를 첨부해야만 합니다. 검역소와 주 산림청이 2013년에 발표한 문서 No. 156에는 가지 마름병이 고질적인 지역과 국가들에 대한 목록이 포함되어 있습니다.


Daily Draw: 3 of Coins (Hrimthurs) & 4 of Coins (Fafnir)

Today’s draw is all about doing the work and getting it done. It’s easy when you’ve been working hard to see only the work, to think it will never end, to think maybe you’re stuck in a certain way of doing things and that’s just how it is. 235 more words