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Pokémon Mega Center

If you a big fan of one of the oldest cartoon known as Pokémon then you are going to love the Pokémon Mega Center located in Toshima, Tokyo. 137 more words


Summary of Ash by Melinda Lo

Ash, written by Malinda Lo, tells the story of a young girl that survives the abuse of her stepmother by holding on to her belief in fairies and true love. 292 more words

Ash book review

The book Ash by Malinda Lo is about a country girl named Ash whose mother died unexpectedly of a illness. Ash’s father remarries a woman with two daughters of her own. 308 more words


AWR and superfluous historical statistics

An active sql_id is subject to a capture and a load into ASH (gv$active_session_history). As long as this sql_id is present in ASH there is a 1/10 chance for it to be captured into AWR persisted historical tables as well. 2,266 more words


An Unexpected Cinderella Story

So, I read the book Ash by Malinda Lo, and I really enjoyed it. It started out with the basic Cinderella elements, dead mother, cruel step mother and step sisters, but there are definitely huge differences that come up. 309 more words


Book Celibacy Broken!

The novel I tortured myself with for this assignment was “Ash” by Melinda Lo. This is her site that tells a little about the book… 972 more words

Everyone loves a good fairy tale

Except for me. I am just really not into fairies and myths and all that jazz but hey that’s just me. I know a lot of people out there love this stuff so I know the perfect book for you. 287 more words