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Mind your language

It’s been more than two weeks since i got back from my travels in India and thrown into a non stop breaking news. All the headlines Pistorius, Ukraine and the missing Malaysian airplane just seem to keep giving. 290 more words

Asha Tanna

Jet Set

On Tuesday night both T and I thought I was flying home, so it was meant to be a send off of sorts. I’ll come back to this later…. 451 more words

A New Beginning.....

Elephanta Caves

The slow boat over was exactly that. We were going against the current. Surprisingly the boat left dead on time at 1430. Wow a miracle, the first mode of transport in India that has been punctual. 618 more words


How not to take a celebrity photo

I got back late from Elephanta Caves this afternoon still nursing a hangover. It was rush hour and it took me an hour to get back to the flat in heavy Mumbai traffic. 501 more words

Asha Tanna


Yesterday I learnt a new acronym. NRI. Sounds like a terrorist group but it’s not. Neither is it a political party. It stands for Non Resident Indian. 1,036 more words

Asha Tanna

Wedding Fever

The last four days have been spent over indulging and partying in the most extravagant way in Delhi for Noodle’s wedding. I am a broken woman. 1,481 more words

Asha Tanna

Express Highway

The road from Agra to Delhi is long. It’s made even longer if you can’t afford to pay the toll charges on the Yamuna Express Highway. 443 more words

Asha Tanna