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Once Upon a Time There Was a Traveller edited by Kate Pullinger

Once Upon a Time There Was a Traveller is a collection of Asham Award-winning short stories. Each short story is supposed to exhibit the theme of a journey, whether it is an actual trip or a personal journey. 260 more words



Talker to my brother in law – a geologist – yesterday whilst out on a bike ride (interrupted to drop in to their flat)(thanks for the sherry and crisps! 70 more words


Vayikra (Leviticus 1:1 – 5:26), Rosh Chodesh (Num. 28:9-15), Shabbat HaChodesh (Ex. 12:1-20)

I’m trying to get this done tonight because it’s supposed to snow tomorrow and my freaking out might get in the way.

This week, we start reading the book of Leviticus ( 1,569 more words

Vayikra (Leviticus 1:1 - 5:26)

Most people do not react kindly when you say “Leviticus.”  Granted, it does contain some descriptions and prescriptions that are yucky or offensive or both, but there is also lot of good stuff we can relate to concerning ethical behavior.  1,101 more words

Top Fights of the 2013 Penguins Season

Fighting in hockey is not going away. Year after year, people try to bring it up as a controversial topic and every year the players overwhelmingly remain in favor of it staying a part of the game. 770 more words

Doug Murray

YHVH's Servant

Today, I will finish Isaiah 52 and go through Isaiah 53.  In Isaiah 52:13, YHVH says His Servant will deal prudently.  The Heberew word for prudently is yaskiyl.  886 more words


A new take on NHL suspensions

There has been a lot of talk about suspensions in the NHL as of late. Although suspensions are a good way to penalize a player when he breaks the rules, it is debatable whether it truly has an impact on his team. 639 more words