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Louis Futon Is At His Best On New Song "Rewind"

Louis Futon kills it on his latest jam with some help from Ashe and Armani White.

This is one of the tastiest jams I’ve come across so far while on PB & Good Jams and we managed to come across it just 10 minutes after Louis Futon dropped the song, making us feel all that more special here at PB. 46 more words


Gamer's Log 8/8/17 - FFBE, Injustice 2

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

So I blew my wad on FFBE yesterday trying to pull Dark Veritas. I spent a total of 7 tickets and 5250 lapis (10+1 and daily). 352 more words

What Losing is Like in League of Legends

Did you know a single round of LoL contains enough toxins to kill an adult horse? 31 more words


Ashe Landstalker

It has always been a challenge for me to remake Ashe’s basic skin in a more elegant way. I propose you a celtic inspired rework for those who are stuck with this skin. 135 more words


Ending En Saga

As of today, Finnish university education will no longer be free for non-EU students. The long-dreaded regulation (actually passed by Finland’s parliament over 18 months ago) comes to at least €1,500 ($1,634) in yearly tuition for those pursuing undergraduate or Master’s degrees. 304 more words


A.k.a Noctis bản nữ =)))

Note: Đùa đấy, chị này trong FFBE không toàn chức như cậu Nọc đâu nhưng mà cuộc đời chị ở FFXII khá giống với cuộc đời của Noctis, chỉ có điều không nổi tiếng bằng thôi :v… 2,285 more words