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#INeedDiverseGames Reading List: Your Comprehensive Guide

By far, the Tumblr ask below was most polite message we received in the days following Sheva’s recent article, “How a Lack of Racial Diversity Inhibits ‘Life Is Strange’ 1,494 more words


Top 8 Women & Girls of Color in Games Who Deserved Better

American feminism was not made with women and girls of color in mind. Sure, this seems like a downer to start off with, but being ignored by a massive Western movement supposedly trying to create better livelihoods for women for the past 200 years isn’t exactly positive. 2,627 more words


LoL - Ashe Arrow Montage 2 #RapBeats #TrapBeats #RapInstrumentals

LoL – Ashe Arrow Montage 2 #RapBeats #TrapBeats #RapInstrumentals Read More – https://wp.me/p60eNF-2To

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Sunday Loot: Art Commission Finalists + Women Who Create!

Last week, we featured an opportunity for artists to send in their work for consideration. We received over 80 total submissions from around the world, and every single artist was… 444 more words

Sunday Loot

‘Eat All The Ice Cream Ever’ Review: The Things We Take for Granted

Trigger warning: eating disorders, body shaming.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have a fast metabolism. No matter how much I ate or how often I laid around (which was often, as my pastimes were drawing, reading, video games, and more video games), I remained thin as a rail. 873 more words


Arthur Ashe Courage Award

Okay, take this how you will. You might think I’m insensitive or intolerable, but to be honest, I’m 100% for doing what people need to do to be happy. 615 more words