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Spiritual Cleansing in Ifá: Bribing Away Evil Spirits

Should Oyekun Iwori surface as the main odu (sign) in an Ifá reading, you may want to resort to the spiritual prescription that my oluwo… 1,239 more words

Roots And Rootedness

Mama's Girl.

Mama’s Girl.

Defined: When a girl  is more close to her mother instead of her father.

One this is for certain… I LOVE maternity sessions!! I met up with Portia and her super handsome family at Piedmont park. 127 more words

Ashe "Used To It"

Ashe probably isn’t on your radar right now, but that’s about to change. Her first solo single is absurdly catchy.


Mrs. & Mrs. Burton


Defined: a title used before a surname or full name to address or refer to a married woman.

First of all, let me say how absolutely wonderful this couple is! 149 more words

Ashe Dragon Hunter

Now that there is a project skin for Ashe, all the ancient ones go trashbin. Let’s try to revive Marauder Ashe giving her some Dragon Hunter style. 137 more words


Ashe, Elven Hunter

I love the Ashe Woad skin but I had to change few things on it to be happy. 95 more words


Mandate Radio: Ep. 189 (5/10/2017)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 189 (5/10/2017)

Happy Wednesday Everyone and welcome to Mandate Radio! Today is one of those rare times Joe shows up to the podcast and it is a hoot. 86 more words