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Cardi B No Tapete Vermelho Dos Grammys 2018 Com o Designer Ashi

Cardi B e sua irmã Hennessy, desfilaram o tapete vermelho dos Grammys 2018 com com vestidos brancos desenhado por Ashi, o designer Saudita com sede em Beirute. 35 more words


[Grammys] Cardi B Sur Le Tapis Rouge Des Grammys 2018 Portant Du Ashi

Cardi B a défilé le tapis rouge des Grammys 2018 avec sa sœur Hennessy,  portant une robe blanche signée Ashi, le designer Saoudien  basé à Beyrouth. 39 more words


Why It's Important to Work With a Certified Home Inspector

Home inspectors are responsible for a lot, from assessing the durability and performance of a home’s most important fixtures and appliances to conducting a thorough, transparent evaluation that will greatly affect a property’s overall value. 887 more words

Home Inspections

Good Morning, Mr.Vampire By Katsura Komachi 

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Here yeah go by popular demand lol! (Thank you Ashi for raws + cleans and @fluffwords​ for the translations and  115 more words


Samurai Jack Finale Recap

Hello people this is meowth900 here and I am doing the last recap of the Samurai Jack show. It’s been a long journey with Jack, including that marathon from Memorial Day weekend. 1,074 more words


Samurai Jack completed

Ever since I was a kid, I was waiting to watch the final episode of Cartoon Network’s Samurai Jack. There were too many episodes and I always thought I am missing it, as they were airing in a random order. 449 more words

Right In The Childhood!